Today [ profile] fabrisse and I went over to the Talbots; I tried on several sets of dress slacks for the new job. Their weekend chinos, when rolled down, are long enough and will be fine for officewear. I also picked up a new suit for the first day -- blue & white bird's-eye twill in cotton -- along with two button-down shirts, two tunic-type shirts, and grey slacks.

With the Talbots birthday discount and the current sale, everything was 40% off, so why I will be paying this off for a while, I think it was a pretty good investment. My jeans worked fine at the old job, but this new job is more office than lab, and thus the jeans won't cut it.

I still hate that fake pockets are a thing. The saleswoman found me a lot of nice slacks, but I had to reject two outright because they had fake pockets instead of real pockets; fake pockets make no sense to me, because if they're going to all the trouble to cut and sew in false welts for pockets, why not just make them really pockets? How much could that possibly add to the cost of the clothes at that point?

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( Feb. 18th, 2015 01:53 pm)
So, just before lunchtime today, I got called into a meeting. When I saw that the HR director was there, I know instantly what was up. Ever since we lost one of our contracts I was expecting them to lay people off, and was looking for other positions inside the company, but no bites.

I've got 6 weeks of severance coming, as soon as I sign the paperwork. I'll start looking for a new job tomorrow, since I'm on the "don't come in, but we'll pay you like your working for the next two weeks" plan. I'll also have to sort out my medical insurance, which will be 'fun'.
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( Jan. 4th, 2014 10:43 am)
It is too cold out to go grocery shopping, but I have laundry to do and my annual self-evaluation to finish for work.


Especially the self-review. I'm totally stuck on the 'annual goals for 2014', because my actual goal for 2014 is 'get a job that pays better and is not here' and that is rather too honest to submit to my current employers.
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( Oct. 23rd, 2013 07:04 pm)
Today was supposed to be an easy day at work, just inventory inspection and receiving some ambient samples. The samples labeled 'wet tissue' on the manifest turned out to be cut for the squeamish )

I had to open the boxes for all of them and count them. Ick.

When I got home, I bought myself a bar of Lindt chocolate as consolation. Because after that, I deserve a treat and there is no good cupcakery near me.
Welp, the Republicans enginneered a shut-down of the federal government. Great...

I get to go in today and see if my workplace is going to be open for the foreseeable future. Hopefully, the funding was already disbursed and we just keep going as normal, but I have no idea if that's what will happen.
Work today at least had a change of pace -- a bat showed up.

My boss kind of freaked out and cancelled working in that building for the rest of the day, but I don't blame him. Bats are a common rabies vector, and I don't want one flying over my head while I'm trying to get work done -- it's highly distracting.

Anyway, the job wasn't completely awful today on account of animal invasion.


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