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( Apr. 17th, 2011 09:27 am)
Considering I only have 12 stories on AO3, my top ten list isn't surprising, although what is at the top is...

Wow, I write mostly for challenges and gift exchanges )
Title: Girls' Day Out
Request: Wanda/Jean! It's hard to have a date when your brother keeps showing up.
Rating: G
Notes: Thanks to[ profile] wizefics and [ profile] gblvr for beta. Written for the [ profile] xmenfirstclass ficathon.

Girls Night Out Jean/Wanda, Rated G

This is my contribution, but the Xmen First Class ficathon is heavily weighted to femmeslash this time round, so there's a lot to chose from. Anyone who likes Xmen should also enjoy the fic -- fifteen authors signed up.
Title: Unconsidered Trifles [prologue]
Author: [ profile] neotoma
Fandom: Marvel 1602
Characters: Carlos Javier, Hal McCoy
Rating: gen
Summary: In 1595, Carlos Javier loves the theater…
Warnings, Disclaimers: I don't own the characters. Marvel 1602 is the creation of Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert
Word Count: 793
Notes: Written for [ profile] harmonyangel's birthday/thesis completion celebration comm. [ profile] starsandshield. I'm posting it here to remind myself to keep working on it; half done is not all done.
Status: In progress

In 1585, Carlos Javier left Spain with several trunks, two menservants, and the interest of the Inquisition nipping at his heels. )
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Marvel owns these guys. Not me.
Prompt: 869. X-Men Comicsverse: Hank McCoy. Hank McCoy once told the world he was gay in a publicity stunt. What was the public reaction? Did he ever recant? What was the reaction then? (You can play it as the implicit New X-Men canon - that he's actually straight - but if so I'd like to see the reactions of gay characters. Or you can say he was actually telling the truth all along.)
Summary: Hank McCoy has two problems – everyone knows, and yet everyone doesn't.
Warnings: nothing to worry about, as long as you aren't scared of polysyllables.
Author's Notes: Thanks to [ profile] st_aurafina for betaing the draft and the revision in record time – and for suggesting Mogenic to me. Thanks to [ profile] sanj and [ profile] gblvr for betaing and hand-holding, and [ profile] flt for a last minute grammar beta.
6321 words, and this is set between Decimation and Messiah Complex in continuity.

I've been pimping Xmen at my friend [ profile] sanj. It's a devious plot to get her to write me Xmen fic. First I got her to watch Xmen Evolution with me. Then I got her the 'Gifted' trade of Astonishing (cause she love Joss Whedon, yes she does), and now I've lent her some of the New X-men trades.

But we were talking about the books on Sunday, and Julian Keller (Hellion) came up. [ profile] sanj thinks there is a good kid under there, somewhere. I'm not so sure. But we both thought he was reckless, and that he is taking advantage of Laura (X-23) Kinney's crush on him most cruelly. And that Emma is actively making the boy worse, no matter what she actually intends with her mentoring of him.

Today, I realized that Julian is just one of a long string of teacher's pets that Emma has had, and that none of them were exactly improved by her attention.

In the original Hellions, there was Manuel de la Rocha (Empath) who Emma allowed to prey on his teammates and the non-mutant students at Emma's Academy. In Generation X, Monet seemed to be Emma's favorite student, or at least the one she thinks is most competent. Then in the Morrison run of Xmen, Emma focused on the Cuckoos, and in Xmen Academy/New Xmen, she's focused on Julian Keller.

All of these students are powerful psychics of one sort or another, from the upper classes, with a tendency to play cruel power games. It's a really worrying pattern. It's like Emma is trying to recreate herself.
All right Marvel fans, I have a question for you.

Emma Frost, though she's tough as nails and frighteningly pragmatic, fit into the role of femme fatale. She uses her looks as weapon against men, and to compete against women; that's not all she uses, obviously, as she is smart, cunning, and an excellent telepath, but it's the most obvious tool she has.

But how does she react to men who are not attracted to her at all? Does it throw a wobbly at her, to meet someone who just is blank towards her?
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( Jan. 2nd, 2008 09:18 pm)
considering it woke me up yesterday with "Hey, you could write that girl!Hank/Bobby fic! It'd be a great First Class fic! Or an Astonishing fic!"

Possibly I'm going to be writing *two* girl!Hank stories... my brain really hates me.

So, for those of you who are sporty types, what women's sport is closest to the rough and tumble of American football... soccer? women's rugby? lacrosse? I really have no idea...
Gen )
Het )
Slash )
Oddball Thingies )

I'm still looking for good Mutant-X fics, good Dark Beast fics (he's scary, but he's most disturbing when he's acting like Hank), and I'd really *really* like to see Hank gender-swapped in a fic and see how he'd be different if he'd been born 'Hannah' (probably would have married Bobby, if Bobby grew up enough to notice smart girls are hot...)

Also, Hank is a Hufflepuff at heart. Discuss.
Xmen movie overview -- the movies [XMM] are popular, but people jump their fics off in different places, hence different ages for characters from the second and third movies.
Xmen comics overview -- the comics come in two flavors [comics] and [Ult-X]; that's the mainstream comics, with over 40 years of canon, and the Ultimate line, which has under 10 years. I couldn't find any good Mutant-X fics, which was a short-lived series in which Alex/Havoc found himself in a freaky universe where he'd basically lived Scott's life, being on the original team, marrying the hot redhead, and all; Scott got to live Corsair's life as a space pirate, and was one of the few times where he's wild and implusive -- good crack, in other words.

1602 )

Rest on next post...
Since I recently lost my mind to my comics collection, it was inevitable that something was going to crawl out of it...

Weird present-tense XMen fic; Bobby, Hank; current Astonishing continuity sorta... )This is mostly the fault of [ profile] gblvr and [ profile] sanj, because I've actually been able to hand them X-men First Class to read, and then discuss later. I am heavily pimping the awesome of Hank&Bobby (or Hank/Bobby) at them.


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