I was following links to see what the inspiration for a lj-friend's project is -- the original is a caplet from Anthropologie. I was *totally* distracted by the fact that this model is wearing a crocheted necklace.

A crocheted necklace that cost $198 -- and is the Hemp Flowers Necklace that I made this spring.

They're making it out of mercerized cotton and lurex, so the yarn isn't any more expensive than the hemp I used (and quite probably less), and yet they're charging almost $200 dollars for it? bwuh?

Is this highway robbery or am I severely undercharging when I make stuff on commision? Is the Anthropologie brand so prestigious that they can charge just so you have the privilege of saying "Oh, this little thing? I bought it at Anthropologie"?
The current issue of Spin-Off had some delightful projects, including a crocheted yarn bag for knitters. Yesterday I bought some linen yarn to make a practice bag, with the idea of maybe making one out of the ingeo fiber I had also purchased, after I spin it.

However, the crochet pattern was written by a beginner, and it shows -- quite obviously. Crocheting in the round can be tricky enough, without bad directions added on top of it.

So I let the Spin-Off editors know...The letter I dashed off )

I'm going to rewrite the directions, because it is a cute little yarn bag, but there really isn't an excuse for such sloppy work from Interweave.
I didn't get the job. Phooey. I might apply for another job there, but it doesn't look like it has any labwork at all, so I'm not sure how happy I'd be.

In other news, I got the String Bag finished and recieved a roadrunner )

I'm not sure I'm actually a roadrunner -- I'm a large, ground-bound cuckoo? -- but I also compared to a bee in the last week, so that's okay. Other people see things about me that I don't.

I just wish that one of those things was 'employeable'.
Well into the second week of unemployment, I'm using all my free time to get my UFOs finished. Which is kind of nice, cause I really did have a lot of unfinished objects lying around.

Three Scarves, One Crib Blanket, and a whole *lot* of yarn )

I kind of want a job now, though.
I finally finished the Cable Ride socks I started last year. Of course, they are wool, and I won't be able to wear them until winter. But they're pretty.

Cable Ride socks, and Hemp Flowers necklace )
neotoma: Grommit knits, and so do I (GrommitKnitting)
( Jan. 29th, 2006 01:24 pm)
[livejournal.com profile] ellid was made a Laurel (it's the SCA order for Arts and Sciences, and if you were lucky enough to see her alchemical quilt at The Witching Hour, you know she earned it and more) this past weekend, so I've made her a gift to celebrate her achievement.

She said she liked blue and green... )

Now she just has to sent me her mailing address so I can post it to her ... :hint hint:
neotoma: Grommit knits, and so do I (GrommitKnitting)
( Nov. 8th, 2005 10:48 am)
As many of you know, I knit and crochet. I'm still working on a Quidditch scarf for myself(and still hope I'll have it finished for the movie premiere), but I recently finished a few projects.

A hat, another hat, and a shawl )I expect I'll be busy finishing up projects for the rest of the month as the holiday season approaches.


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