I harvested two of the candy roaster squash today -- on was 8lb and the other was 13.5lb.

Someone stole the third one out of the garden sometime in the last week -- so I have a terrible neighbor, somewhere.

The table gold acorn squash are progressing well. I might harvest one of those soon as well.
Olive bread, spanakopita, pita bread, melitzano salata all from Baklava Couture; black pepper chevre, alpsiago (asiago-style) cheese both from Shepherd's Whey Creamery; strawberries, pink lady apples, an ear of popcorn; batard of sourdough from Atwater's; burrata ravioli, fresh fettuccine, and mushroom ragu from Cucinia al Volo as part of their market deal.

Also picked up the following seedlings:
creeping thyme
two Purple Blush tomatillo
two Purple Beauty bell peppers
two fish hot peppers
a Czech black hot pepper
I planted my three hardy kiwi plants in pots today. As they arrived as four inch tall plugs, I figure they could use the time to grow a bit. I also planted za'atar (Syrian oregano), Provencal lavender, 2 pink-flowered strawberries, a red snapdragon, spearmint, and an Italian oregano in pots.

I was going to plant some of the hot peppers, so I weeded out the larkspur which is everywhere in the one bed -- at first I was hoping it was carrots, but it's definitely larkspur and while it was nicely shading out the mint some idiot planted in the ground years ago, I don't want larkspur when I could have vegetables. And piling the pulled larkspur plants on the mint makes a good sunblock, so maybe that will help control the mint for a while, too.

However, I can't find my trowel, at least not this early in the morning. I'm going to clean off -- transplanting pots gets you covered in potting soil -- and look for it again.

At the very least, the day is comparatively cool and a bit overcast, with rain promised this evening. I've set out most of the seedlings. I want to put in the ground out in the approximate places I want to put them, to get them acclimated on a not-brutal day. I'll plant them today or tomorrow, even if I have to buy a new trowel to do so.

And at the very end, I was scattering bone meal and blood meal among the plants in pots and in the ground, and one of my neighbor's French bulldog puppy was very enthusiastic about investigating what I was doing. It probably smelled wonderfully disgusting to him.
Chicken empanada, batard of sourdough, pink lady apples, bosc pears, strawberries, a four-pack of marigold plants, and an assortment of seedling plants -- snapdragon, sunflower, milkweed, lemon verbena, Syrian oregano, Provencal lavender, spearmint, chile peppers, pink-flowered strawberries, and Asian eggplant.
Planted the sunflowers, bell peppers, thyme, lavender, and rosemary today.

Repotted a mini-rose I picked up at the grocery that needed rescuing. It may not survive, but it's still better off than it was. Potted the Atilla strawberry seedlings -- they're still teensy, and might not make the transition.

Thinking about planting melons, beans, and more corn when I get back from my trip. It might be hot enough by then.
I dumped several pots yesterday, so today I sowed a longbox with 'Lauren's Grape' Poppy from Botanical Interests, sowed three 4-inch pots with 'Yellow Wonder Wild Strawberry' and an 8-inch pot with 'Attila' alpine strawberry, both from from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

If the poppies don't come up, I can usually get live plants at MD Sheep & Wool. The strawberries are more of an experiment, but the 'Attila' cultivar is supposed to send out runners, which is unusual in alpine strawberries.

We're supposed to have rain/snow late tonight, so hopefully this was the right day to put the seeds in the ground. Now, off to add them to my Growstuff account.
Pink lady apples, probiotic raspberry yogurt smoothie, cream, cubalaya eggs (peewee sized, so small batch baking!), pastrami from Urban Butcher (oh nom nom nom!), onion, a head of hydroponic lettuce that I immediately stuck in a pot of dirt, and a six-pot of johnny-jump-ups for [profile] hollimichelle's front flowerbed.
Today I set up a flowerbed! It took about 2 hours (including clean-up).

There are pictures and explanation over at my craft-blog.

And now, to bed...
I went yesterday... and had a great time.

Now I just need 12 more hours of sleep...
Well, an herb garden, at the very least, if 10 plants count.

But look, the Strawberry planter I bought from the National Gardening Association's shop works: Hanging herbs! )

I don't think that even the groundkeeping guys can ruin it, since they can't drown my plants this time -- the water goes in through the hole at the top, and I have inserted a plastic cup with a pinhole pricked through it as a sort of slow-watering device.

All it took was a trip to the hardware store for 4 feet of zinc-plated chain and a pair of S-hooks. Now my herb garden is at a great height for me to water and to collect plants.

I'm hoping that the Topsy-Turvy tomato planters arrive soon -- if they don't, I might just go back to the hardware store, since I saw that they *had* them, and when the ones I ordered come I'll give them to friends -- apparently you can grow peppers and other vegetables in them as well. I might need to borrow a drill to set the eyebolt for those, and I will definitely need to get more soil, but I am on my way to having a garden again! Squee!


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