Since I totally forgot to clear out the vegetable bin before the maintenance guys replaced my refrigerator (the freezer compartment was failing), I don't have any vegetables...

I guess I'm going to be busy shopping on Saturday.

The Metro is completely shut down tomorrow. The buses are still going to run, but the sheer volume of people who are displaced from their usual transit is likely to overflow that system as well.

I'm going to have to be out of the house by 6:45 tomorrow, just to get to work on time. Bleach.

a comment from someone calling themself 'Sean Bahr' on NBC Says Title Character Of 'Constantine' Is Straight. Fans Disagree

but this isn't about a show that represents the entire worlds population as a whole. this is about a story, a very particular story.

why not make gandalf a woman? why not make lukeskywalker handicapped? we cannot keep altering artists vision to suit what we think is the new social norm that must be championed. an artists vision is an artist vision. this tv show is someone vision and their idea for where the narrative needs to go. don't like it? make your own show. but please man, let creative people be creative.

... did this person miss the fact that Luke Skywalker experienced a traumatic amputation at the end of The Empire Strikes Back? The fact that he has a prosthetic hand is kind of important in The Return of the Jedi as it links him to Darth Vader as mirrors of each other.

Because seriously, my reaction to reading this was "Luke Skywalker is disabled, you idiot! Darth Vader cut off his hand! ON SCREEN!"
Welp, the Republicans enginneered a shut-down of the federal government. Great...

I get to go in today and see if my workplace is going to be open for the foreseeable future. Hopefully, the funding was already disbursed and we just keep going as normal, but I have no idea if that's what will happen.
Well, I moved in -- I have hardwood floors -- and am in the process of acquiring things like a wardrobe, taller bookscases, and a useful tv stand. The new place may be slightly bigger than the old and it is definitely better laid out.

I've finally gotten to the point where I actually kind-of-sort-of have a plot for my [ profile] sabriel_mini fic. I'm going with the starship story, which is going to be all sad because Sam's asexual boyfriend is leaving him to go become a starship. Uhm, yeah, another AU. Also somewhat on the genfic side of things, or possibly bob-fic... Anyone want to be on the writing filter?

I'm also hoping to get a new desktop soon. My laptop isn't bad, but the screen is smaller than I'm used to and I'd like to get one of those 2T hard drives for media storage.

And for you locals, the AFI is having a Spy Cinema film festival for the next few months -- who wants to see The Ipcress File, which looks like it might be fantastic and doesn't seem available on DVD. It's showing Friday at 7 and Sunday at 5:30.

There's also a Jean Harlow Retrospective going on -- lots of pre-Hayes Code films!
Iow, yes, I felt the earthquake. It felt like someone had turned on a jackhammer on the roof -- in fact, at first I thought maybe someone was working on our roof, which leaked badly last year and was a bit of a hazard considering what we do at my job -- but it went on too long and was too loud.

The new assistant project director herded us all outside afterwards so that a quick check of the building could be done. There was nothing, and when we went in, we did a sweep of the running equipment -- all 300 units, to make sure no alarms were going off.

The most I was impacted was the fact that the Metro was only running at 15 mph, so my normal 10 minute commute took 26 minutes. Still, I'm home and I'm fine.


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