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( May. 3rd, 2014 08:57 pm)
I got picked up by [ profile] karmabees, who was interested in my StoryCorps-based summary. I still have to work on Raleigh's monologue, and the back and forth between Herc Hansen and Mako Mori (seriously, I'm having trouble figurng out what Hansen does after the end of the movie but retire and commit suicide, and I don't want that to be his arc in this story), but I think the structure of it is pretty good. I also have to keep some of the chattier characters from monopolizing the narrative, but at least I've got some one talking to me.
So, I'm making progress on my PR mini-bang with [personal profile] fabrisse's help. I'm going with the StoryCorps idea, which might be weirdly American given that the characters are from many countries, but I think I can make it work.

If anyone with more knowledge then me wants to pick over the character bits for the characters who are Australian, Japanese, or German, that'd be a great help. Right now I'm kindof stuck on Raleigh Beckett, since he's really not the kind of character I usually write, even though he's totally wonderful in the movie -- seriously, he subverts so many action-hero tropes and I love him for it. I think I might have to change who he being interviewed by to his sister who is from the novelization (which I bounced off hard because omg, dudebro POV!).
Since I've signed up for the Pacific Rim Mini-Bang, I'm going to brainstorm a couple of things. Feel free to chip in with ideas and comments -- discussion helps me shape plots.

Story Idea A: A StoryCorps based series of interviews between movie characters and their friends and family members, with the idea that there is a special StoryCorps initiative to collect interviews of PPDC veterans. Maybe adapt Raleigh's opening narration from the movie into the first interview, have Mako talk about Toyko, Stacker Pentecost, and growing up in Shatterdomes, Vanessa interview Hermann about how they coped with living apart, Tendo and Alison interview each other, Newt interviewed by Hermann's kid... that sort of thing.

Story Idea B: The fifth or tenth annual Hong Kong Shatterdome survivors reunion, or maybe a Jaeger Academy reunion with a where-are-they-now feel. Raleigh or Tendo's POV, with Raleigh having become an elementary school teacher, Mako a civil engineer doing reconstruction, Tedno some sort of emergency/contingency logistics planner.

Herc Hansen, the Wall, kaijufication, and more )
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( Apr. 7th, 2014 10:51 pm)
I've gone and signed up for the Pacific Rim MiniBang on tumblr, now that I think I've finally found the right viewpoint character (Tendo, for those of you who are interested). Expect occasional posts about world-building and complaints about how the writing is going.

The rough draft is due May 1st and the story only needs to be 5K, so I think it's completely doable.
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( Nov. 30th, 2013 06:51 pm)
I have an idea for this prompt on the Pacific Rim kinkmeme. I should write an outline before I forget what the idea is.

I'm linking to that comment so I can find it again. I don't suppose anyone wants to be an alpha-reader..?
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( Aug. 26th, 2013 08:24 am)
I've decided that there needs to be a scene in my DCnU/Original DC Comics story where Piper sneaks a large group of people into a building by playing With Catlike Tread

Also, talking with [personal profile] ellen_fremedon, we decide that there should be a support group for parents of meta and superhero kids in the DC Universe called P-SUPE (pronounced 'pea soup').
I've been hit by a DC Comics plotbunny, since I was foolish enough to look on Tumblr and see how pretty the art is for the new 52 Flash (really pretty guys).. so I've been searching through my music library for songs to weaponize, because if I'm writing a Flash story, I'm writing Pied Piper, and if I'm writing Pied Piper I really should know what music he's using.

It's pretty sad that I looked through my 'fierce' playlist and rejected Black Sabbath songs as 'not aggressive enough'. Also, apparently I don't have enough Queen or Jethro Tull songs -- Queen because Piper canonically did blow up a planet using The Show Must Go On and Jethro Tull because that's the only rock band that I can that used a flute regularly.

Currently, I've got a few contenders for the ominous, 'you've fucked with the wrong guy, assholes' scene. In the Land of the Pigs (The Butcher is King) by Meatloaf, Exterminating Angel by The Creatures, or Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult, which might just be a little on the nose. Of course, I could go with something completely instrumental like Avanti by Corvus Corax (which is an excuse to use the quakepipes!) or just Verdi's Dies Irae.

I'm also trying to figure out some alternative names super-hero/villain for some of the legacy characters I'm going to have in this story, since they don't want to disrupt their predecessors' lives by running around using a name they inherited from someone who doesn't know them from Adam. Currently, I'm trying to figure out what might work for Captain Boomerang II, Stargirl, Atom Smasher, and maybe Obsidian. Manhunter wouldn't feel the need to change hers, because it's quite generic, Spoiler gets to remain herself if she goes back to her original handle, and Impulse would be the first one of that name since the DCnU has Bart as Kid Flash but never Impulse, and I've already figured out what Piper gets stuck with, due to an ill-timed snarky remark from Boomerang.
Summary: Squaring up is hard to do - moreso outside of the species. Gabriel wants to get married, properly married, with two wives and a husband all properly aligned. And all he needs to do is get Sam and Jess to let him, a sub-adult blue, into their relationship, and then find a suitable red-moiety female angel who'll agree to the arrangement. Simple, right?
Wordcount: 25,140
Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] hannah for lots of patience and excellent beta'ing, and to [ profile] kdheart for a gorgeous cover image.

Read here )or at AO3
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( Feb. 24th, 2013 06:52 pm)
I cleared 15K words on my [ profile] gabriel_bigbang finally!

I still have more scenes to write before it's complete, and I'll probably go back in revision and add another 5 to 10K, but at least I'm going to be able to turn it in!


ETA: Also, Balthazar is totally the drunken irresponsible hot guy that someone as sensible as Kali finds completely irritating, but who someone like Castiel will fall for in a New York minute.

yay, angels and their dysfunctional relationships?
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( Feb. 18th, 2013 11:11 pm)
7464 words total yesterday morning

8885 words total last night

11395 words total tonight

I might just get this finished by the deadline!
I've been chatting with [personal profile] hannah about a possible SPN au idea with angels as physical beings -- mainly because it sounds like a great excuse to do a lot of world-building.

Some preliminary sketchs of angel-human relations, including agendered childhoods, sedoretu marriages, avian behavior, etc )
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( Sep. 26th, 2012 09:22 pm)
On Sunday I went down to the National Book Festival with [personal profile] greenygal, [personal profile] holli and [personal profile] ellen_fremedon to hear Lois McMaster Bujold speak -- well, [personal profile] greenygal and I got there early to hear Craig Thompson's talk which was scheduled before Bujold, and the other joined us.

Bujold's talk was a reprise of the one she gave this year at the ALA -- "what would the world be like without science fiction as a genre?" -- which was interesting and posited that since Mary Shelley's Frankenstien is really the first SF story, there would be a lot of changes. Frankly, I'm not sure you can get through the Industrial Revolution without developing something like science fiction -- possibly it's an idea for another science fiction story -- but it was an interesting speech. She then read a short excerpt from Captain Vorpatril's Alliance, and took some questions from the audience; sadly, it seems like she has nothing in the works right at the moment, though she does want to write a fourth and fifth Chalion book.

Everyone else got their books signed -- I still haven't found my in the unpacking. We also chatted with some nice people in the signing line -- [personal profile] blushingflower and her SO (or friend, I wasn't sure). It's hilarious how type-y fangirls are -- we talked books, SGA, knitting, and historical costuming, among other things.

For myself, I haven't gotten any real revisions done on my [ profile] sabriel_mini, which is bad because posting starts soon. I don't suppose anyone wants to read the draft and give me a push? It's about 20K.

I think much of my problem is work. I'm alternately busy, bored, and frustrated with the new position, and it makes an impact once I get home too. Often, I'll be tired and go to bed by 9 -- and then wake up at 4:30 restless and not be able to sleep again.

I do have ideas for other stories rattling around as well -- the spaceship AU, some kind of Kali/Gabriel story, and a story that I was collaborating on a while ago that I'm having more ideas for, but I need to see if the other author has GAFIATed, been swamped by Real Life, or what, and whether she'd be okay with me finishing it on my own. I really shouldn't commit to anything else until I get some revisions done, but I kind of want to sign up for [ profile] team_free_love's Secret Lovers Exchange -- I didn't do it last year, and I missed the fun I had the year before.

I kind of want to do Yuletide this year -- I actually have fandoms I want to nominate: The Almighty Johnsons, Bite me! by Dylan Meconis, and Mirabile by Janet Kagan -- though I think I only want to write for Mirabile or maybe Bite Me! Yuletide is such a crazy commitment (not enough time for me to be comfortable), and the last time I did it my recipient really really wanted a story about giant lizards eating people, since that was the only common thread in all the requested fandoms I got. And I have no idea what I'd request this time round, either...
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( Aug. 12th, 2012 08:52 am)
I just got a comment on Homo Homini Lupus Est that said only, 'This story was bizarre, complicated, and overly dramatic.'

Really? You go into a story that is a Alpha/Omega Knotting MPreg Werewolf AU and you think it was 'bizarre, complicated, and overly dramatic'? Because that combination of tropes is going to yield a domestic, simple, delicate slice-of-life story? Really?

Basically, I think I was trolled, but not by someone who is good at trolling, and my only response is to laugh at how ridiculous they are, because really, they are just ridiculous.

And to go back to writing Sam Winchester having kinky, dominating sex with an archangel of the Lord in the middle of the Apocalypse, because why not?
I have not been able to get the hob story to move an inch yet again -- this is the second time I tried to write it for the [ profile] sabriel_mini and the second time it didn't budge.

So I'm picking up 'The Man Comes Around' again since it's already at 22K words, even though it was utterly jossed by the end of season 5 -- I started writing it after 5.10 during the mid-season hiatus. Which means that I had anticipated the car-based puns for the Horsemen, but not which ones (I had Death drive a Pinto, etc), and didn't have Anna or Gabriel get killed. Also there is an alligator-style egg mound in the back of Bobby's scrapyard that an entire garrison of angels is getting broody over.

[ profile] alchemyalice gave me a critique of the partial draft way back when, but I could sure use volunteer alpha readers. I know that I need to work on the Dean&Sam stuff, and rewrite a lot of the early part of the story -- I started it as a Dean/Cas fic and it mutated into a Sam/Gabriel one. Anyone want to volunteer?
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( Jul. 21st, 2012 04:19 pm)
I was hoping that moving to the new place would unblock me as it regards writing, but so far, I have about 600 words for my mini-bang.

Well, I moved in -- I have hardwood floors -- and am in the process of acquiring things like a wardrobe, taller bookscases, and a useful tv stand. The new place may be slightly bigger than the old and it is definitely better laid out.

I've finally gotten to the point where I actually kind-of-sort-of have a plot for my [ profile] sabriel_mini fic. I'm going with the starship story, which is going to be all sad because Sam's asexual boyfriend is leaving him to go become a starship. Uhm, yeah, another AU. Also somewhat on the genfic side of things, or possibly bob-fic... Anyone want to be on the writing filter?

I'm also hoping to get a new desktop soon. My laptop isn't bad, but the screen is smaller than I'm used to and I'd like to get one of those 2T hard drives for media storage.

And for you locals, the AFI is having a Spy Cinema film festival for the next few months -- who wants to see The Ipcress File, which looks like it might be fantastic and doesn't seem available on DVD. It's showing Friday at 7 and Sunday at 5:30.

There's also a Jean Harlow Retrospective going on -- lots of pre-Hayes Code films!
The [ profile] sabriel_minibang is open for sign-ups. I am so tempted.

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 9

Should I write..?

View Answers

the Sam/Jess/Gabriel story where Gabriel is the music grad student (who is secretly and possibly unknowningly an archangel)
5 (55.6%)

the collar-fic where Gabriel really likes orders and Sam struggles with his own identity as a top
1 (11.1%)

the genfic spaceship AU where Gabriel is the ship's computer and Sam is a techie
2 (22.2%)

the sequel to Birds of Passage
5 (55.6%)

something else entirely, which you will detail in comments
0 (0.0%)

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( Mar. 18th, 2012 09:17 pm)
that's the only reason I can come up with for it wanting to write 5000+ words of a sex scene when I have to post the story on Thursday. This, after I've been blocked for something like 3 weeks.


I don't suppose anyone would be up for betaing a 20 to 30K story tomorrow night? It won't need much, since it's already been beta'd once. It's just these new scenes really need someone to go over them before I post. SPN, Werewolf AU, for the [ profile] gabriel_bigbang.
I had to withdraw from [ profile] 1upona_sabriel -- I tried three different plotlines and I couldn't keep it in character and manage the required happy ending.

On the other hand, I have a cracking idea for [ profile] sncross_bigbang, if you don't mind blasphemy fic. A Dresden Files xover, which is why if anyone with knowledge of Chicago would be willing to answer questions and beta the location details, I'd be very grateful. I'm also looking for an alpha-reader who I could talk over my idea and its progress once or twice a week. I find it immensely helpful to work out the details with someone who can point out that I'm going off the rails before I've written 5000 words of stuff that I'll have to cut anyway.

Currently, the characters I know will be in it will be Harry Dresden, Kali (as the femme fatale, natch), Sam, Dean, Castiel, Gabriel, probably Sanya (if I can figure out where), Ms Gard, at least a few of the Fae, and probably a slew of Norse mythological characters. Also, the swords Tyrfing (cursed by its makers the dwarves Dvalinn and Durin to kill whenever it was drawn and to bring about three great evils) and Mistelteinn (never goes blunt, taken from the undead witch-king Thrain, possibly used by Hod in his duel with Baldr -- if you're going by the Gesta Danorum, not the Eddas) are going to show up, and possibly Dainsleif (made by the dwarf Dain, always kills when drawn and makes wounds that never heal) and Lævateinn (if I can decide what the hell it actually is...)

Basically my northern heathenism-influenced subconsciousness wants to play around with SPN and Dresden Files, and I will probably wind up writing a novel-length story to do it.


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