This past Saturday, I was fortunate enough to attend a double program at my guild. The morning was taken up by Koji and Debbie Wada of Kasuri Dyeworks -- dealers in the finest Japanese textiles available.

Lots of really pretty images -- dial-up warning )
The American Sewing Guild had their annual conference outside of DC this weekend. I was foolish, and went to see what they had in the vendors' room/exhibition hall. [ profile] gblvr came with me, for moral support, mutual cooing, and because she has a car; I supplied carry-baskets, which got a lot of compliments, as usual.

The ladies running registration were tickled that we had just walked in off the street, and so were many of the vendors. They were almost all helpful and willing to talk, even after I admitted my novice status.

The clothes on display for various competions were absolutely gorgeous, and I regret that I forgot to bring my digital camera. For example, there was a strapless wedding gown at the Professional Association of Custom Clothiers booth that was *entirely* smocked.

In which I am enthralled by the fabric porn )

[ profile] gblvr did a good job of keeping me away from sewing machines, but I did get the name of the local Husqvarna agent. I want a Viking serger badly, as the only serger I ever used was a 4-thread Viking, and it was a dream to work with. I can't *afford* a Viking, of course.
I have finished the damned Pirate Vest! )

Sewing for Dummies was an invaluable help, as were [ profile] twistedchick and [ profile] tricksterquinn, for lots of online and real-life handholding.

I still have to add a drawstring to a pair of pants, and try to edge 5 sashes -- they might end up raw, unhemmed fabric -- but everything should be okay for the Privateer Feast tomorrow.


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