I've been chatting with [personal profile] hannah about a possible SPN au idea with angels as physical beings -- mainly because it sounds like a great excuse to do a lot of world-building.

Some preliminary sketchs of angel-human relations, including agendered childhoods, sedoretu marriages, avian behavior, etc )
One of Loki's names was Sky Walker )

Another was Far-Traveler )

and sometimes he was referred to as the Bound God )

Oddly enough, this is turning into a bit of a love story between Angrboda and Gabriel ... while his marriage to Sigyn is more of friendly compromise between two people who don't have *that* much in common except harassment from an authority figure they both have to deal with. I don't know what's going on with these two relationships...
Still working on this story, among all the others...

Sam didn't have to deal with flirtatious ghost werewolves in Hell )

Obviously, I like giving Sam all the weird experiences...
Getting out of Hell by some applied metaphysics isn't worth much if you wind up in Niflheim in nothing more substantial than a flannel shirt.

Sam has all the luck, Gabriel has no sense of modesty, and Hel has an interesting morning... )

I'm not quite sure where this is going, though Sam is going to spend at least a few days in the Mist Hall, and they have to discover just how shaky Gabriel's continued existence is, considering he's kind of a figment of Sam's imagination and his own shattered Grace at the moment.
I'm writing a little bit out of step with the rest of fandom -- I'm not writing a One True Pairing so much as We Seem To Work When We're Not Trying To Kill Each Other Pairing, which is kind of a handful to put into an anacronym.

Gabriel eats when Sam is hungry, drinks when he's thirsty and sleeps when Sam's tired )

Basically, Sam crawled out of Hell with help, now can't exactly tell he ends and Gabriel begins. Also, sex...

This is a draft version, but tell me if something looks off to you.
This is from "The Apotheosis of Sam Winchester" (working title) -- aka 'the six months Sam Winchester spent in Jotunheim in the hall of the werewolf king playing security blanket to a traumatized archangel'. It's going to have a lot of Norse culture and some Indo-European magic in it -- I've been reading The Horse, The Wheel, and Language which really makes you notice the commonalities across European and Indo-Iranian religion, like the importance of *chariots* as a metaphor for godly power.

Sam awoke the next day covered to the neck in feathers again. Gabriel tended to cling asleep, and had entirely too many limbs to lay over Sam when he was. )

I'm a little surprised that Fenrir has apparently turned out to be a *Huffelpuff* of all things. And while I had planned to have Kali be the one who freed him from his imprisonment, I think now it might have been Sigyn freeing her step-son. As an Ásynjur, she could get to the island that he was trapped on, where a mortal or a Jotun couldn't. And she certainly has a reason -- in the form of two dead sons -- to want to make things difficult for her extended kin.
This one is NSFW for het sex. Gabriel meets Angrboda -- they don't waste time.

Angrboda dances at the spring assemblies and the autumnal feasts )

Seriously, even knowing it's all going to end in tears, I kind of like these two. I'm not sure that I'm going to keep it, since "Son of Laufey" is supposed to be from Gabriel's POV, and going outside it for Angrboda's is kind of breaking the structure ... but maybe I can write the POV of each character he has significant interaction with, including Laufey, Angrboda, Odin, and Sigyn...
One of the things that I got from the CON.txt procrastinator's panel (oh yeah, I definitely needed to be there) is that it's okay to post fragments.

So, congratulations everyone, you get a fragment today.

This is from "Son of Laufey", the Gabriel backstory that I've been working on -- since SPN let me play in one of my oldest fandoms (aka Norse mythology), I'm just running with it.

Gabriel is fascinated by the baby. It's tiny and fluffy, and he helped Angrboda create it, though she's done most of the work. He holds it to his chest and marvels at the soft feel of the newborn's fur and flesh. 933 words )

Should I use the thorn -- þ -- and eth -- ð -- when I use Norse names and words, or is it easier to read if the names are transliterated as long as I'm consistent?
Because I definitely have to many...

  • "The Man Comes Around" -- currently 20,000+ words of post 5.10 epic conflict, including Sam, Dean, Anna, Castiel, Gabriel, and an entire garrison of defectors who have tossed their swords down and sworn fealty to mankind in the form of Dean Winchester, Chosen of God and a three-way showdown at Armageddon [stalled! send help! send search dogs!]

  • "Neither Sword Nor Plowshare" -- barely outlined sequel to the above, possibly a Criminal Minds crossover, featuring a killer who is stalking and killing Dean's Garrison one by one and the FBI agents who think they've found a murderous cult that uses angel code-names.

  • "Troll-killing for Fun and Profit" -- how a 10th century Icelandic hay-farmer became the Vessel of Gabriel. Features witches, trolls, an unhelpful archangel, Icelandic settlement culture, and possibly entirely unhelpful gods [stalled, and Jossed]

  • "The Saga of the Brothers Winchester" -- aka Four Vessels in a Car. After the Apocalypse, Jimmy Novak gets to go home. Unfortunately, there are three other traumatized angel Vessels with him. He really doesn't want to see the Winchesters ever again, and the Viking is simply terrifying, but they're his only ride out of Detroit [stalled].

  • "Ostriches and Angels" -- wee!chesters fic. John Winchester rents a house in a small town to lay up in for several months, and promptly starts feuding with the next door neighbors, a strange and suspicious couple called Milton. Sam, of course, has made friends with their awkward son, Cas. Dean does not think it's fair that he has to be the sane one. [God help me, this wants to be a Sassy fic!]

  • "The Apotheosis of Sam Winchester" -- the actual canon-compliant bunny, and sequel to We Sat Down and Wept. Sam Winchester crawls out of Hell using applied metaphysics, and end up in Jotunheim, recuperating in the hall of the werewolf king. He plays security blanket to a traumatized archangel, gets flirted with by goddesses, parties with dead heroes, and learns a lot about himself, usually in the most confusing ways possible. [in progress]

  • "Son of Laufey" -- how the archangel Gabriel skipped out of Heaven, changed his face, got adopted (several times), ruined his life, and carved out his own private witness protection. [in progress, and good lord, Gabriel is a genderbending horndog]

  • "untitled" -- response to this prompt at the G/S AU and RPS comment-fic thread. Alternate 4th season -- Castiel informs Sam and Dean about a seal that can be broken with a ritual slaying of a pagan god at a certain time and place, and orders them to prevent it from happening. When the Winchesters try, they find the Trickster already interfering, and have to fend him off while rescuing the captured forest god. Nothing goes as planned in the end -- maybe someone should have informed the demons that trying to sacrifice Fenrir Godslayer was a really bad idea? [has plot outline]

Otoh, I'm doing a lot of free writing every day on 750words.com. Sometimes it goes into one of the bunnies, sometimes it's just backstory that helps get an idea what will actually happen in the story.

And sometimes it's alternate POV stuff -- Frigg isn't impressed with archangels and their shenanigans... )
Even though 750 words has buggy javascript after I hit the 750 word goal, it's worked out pretty good for me so far. I might actually get some of my long story ideas written if I can keep it up.

Look what I got done today -- a bit of Sam's tale of the six months I spent in Jotunheim in the hall of the werewolf-king, playing security blanket to a traumatized archangel )

I'm trying to come up with names for the Jotuns that don't reference Odin (hard) or Thor (very hard), because the Jotuns are basically the same kind of beings as the Aesir and the Vanir, as they keep intermarrying. And it doesn't make sense that the Jotuns would venerate beings that are that much like themselves...

The Viking Answer Lady has nice lists of attested names with meanings, and I've decided that the Jotuns are more likely to reference Iron, Frost, Ice, and Snow in their names -- and the Wolves are going to references the Sun and the Moon especially often.
I finally broke 20,000 words on the Epic SPN fic of weirdness... I figured out how to do the scene about consent, at least a major part of it, and I should have a pretty slow day at work tomorrow, so I can jot scene outlines during my breaks.

In other news, the 'Four Vessels in a Car' fic is trying to take up residence in my brain. [personal profile] ellen_fremedon lent me some books on the history of Iceland, and Byock's Viking Age Iceland is just fascinating reading. There's a science fiction idea ever few pages, just like in 1491: New Revelations of the Americas before Columbus. I think anyone who wants to do some fantasy/science fiction world-building should read them both, because they cover cultures that are very very different from the standard faux-medieval.

Also, have a snippet from the Vessel story, since it at least stands alone as a scene -- nothing else I've written in weeks does: Sam talks to Gabriel through his Vessel's dreams )
BARRY: There's a morgue for the League's enemies three stories below the meeting room? ) -- Blackest Night #1

Except now I want Piper to be responsible for publishing an expose series on this and other abuses by the Justice League -- Rathaway Publish might own newspapers, and it'd be fun for the heroes to deal with a PR disaster of such epic proportion. Especially since at least a few of the people they dug up for their little 'morgue' have families that would have objected -- and maybe a few were never proved to be supervillains legally?

Especially because I have this idea about Barry going to try to 'reason' with the chief editors at the paper breaking this story, and being told it was the publisher who okayed/pushed for the story. When he goes to confront 'Mr. Rathaway', Barry thinks he looks familiar, but can't place him until Wally runs in and has a fit at Piper, who stands there and takes it, mulishly and with bad grace.

Piper is *pissed* about the grave-robbing, possibly because the heroes tried to exhume James Jesse from where he was eventually buried (Chicago, by his fellow FBI agents? Central City, by Piper?) and Piper decided to finally use all the useless, filthy money he inheritated and run the news arm of his family's publishing company to watchdog the heroes. He's figured out he can do a lot of good with good old-fashioned muckraking journalism, and is thinking about trying to hire Lois Lane away from the Planet...

Wally has yet another "oh for god sake, PIPER!" moment, and then a "Oh, fuck, what stupidity did the League come up with *now* that I wasn't told about because they knew I'd argue with them?"

After that, I don't know... maybe Piper has really managed to retire from brawling with super-types because he doesn't win fistfights, and has finally figured out that you can do a LOT more damage if you can grasp the levers of power -- and what else is he going to do with his parents' money, after all? He's already gotten foundations and endowments running for most of his pet charities -- now it's a matter of 'prodding buttock' on a politcal level, to steal from the great Pterry...


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