I planted my three hardy kiwi plants in pots today. As they arrived as four inch tall plugs, I figure they could use the time to grow a bit. I also planted za'atar (Syrian oregano), Provencal lavender, 2 pink-flowered strawberries, a red snapdragon, spearmint, and an Italian oregano in pots.

I was going to plant some of the hot peppers, so I weeded out the larkspur which is everywhere in the one bed -- at first I was hoping it was carrots, but it's definitely larkspur and while it was nicely shading out the mint some idiot planted in the ground years ago, I don't want larkspur when I could have vegetables. And piling the pulled larkspur plants on the mint makes a good sunblock, so maybe that will help control the mint for a while, too.

However, I can't find my trowel, at least not this early in the morning. I'm going to clean off -- transplanting pots gets you covered in potting soil -- and look for it again.

At the very least, the day is comparatively cool and a bit overcast, with rain promised this evening. I've set out most of the seedlings. I want to put in the ground out in the approximate places I want to put them, to get them acclimated on a not-brutal day. I'll plant them today or tomorrow, even if I have to buy a new trowel to do so.

And at the very end, I was scattering bone meal and blood meal among the plants in pots and in the ground, and one of my neighbor's French bulldog puppy was very enthusiastic about investigating what I was doing. It probably smelled wonderfully disgusting to him.
Planted the sunflowers, bell peppers, thyme, lavender, and rosemary today.

Repotted a mini-rose I picked up at the grocery that needed rescuing. It may not survive, but it's still better off than it was. Potted the Atilla strawberry seedlings -- they're still teensy, and might not make the transition.

Thinking about planting melons, beans, and more corn when I get back from my trip. It might be hot enough by then.
A friend and I went to Behnke's today for the orchid clinic. My tiny phalaenopsis orchids are just grocery stores plants, but the woman running the clinic said they were in fairly good condition -- one of them had a purple-ish 'blush' which is common to healthy orchids with high anthocyanin genetics. She changed out the sphagnum moss and said that the one that had already lost its flowers might send out a new spike as it is still flowering season and it did have a terminal and axial bud visible.

So now I have more information about keeping them alive (including don't water until the sphagnum is dry and crunchy as dry Cheerios), so I hope to keep these little plants going. They're certainly a bit of bright cheer -- along with my begonia, which is on its second year -- in the end of winter.

I did pick up a few pansies and johnny-jump-ups to put in the flowerbeds. They won't survive when the summer heat comes, but they'll be a bit of color until then as well.

Also, I did actually smell a wallflower in the greenhouse. It smelled amazing, like a fruit candy!
I planted 7 fava bean seeds (Aquadulce variety) today in jiffypots on my windowsill. Hopefully I'll be able to get them into the ground in the next week or two. It's been ridiculously warm here so far, and while we may have snow on Friday, I want to get a start on planting. Otherwise, it will be too warm for all the spring crops like sugar peas or fava beans.

Also, I've seen a few sweet pea plants sprouting, from the seeds I scattered a few weeks ago. If it does snow on Friday, I guess I'll have to rig up covers for the plants to protect them -- recycled plastic containers might be it.
Pink lady apples, probiotic raspberry yogurt smoothie, cream, cubalaya eggs (peewee sized, so small batch baking!), pastrami from Urban Butcher (oh nom nom nom!), onion, a head of hydroponic lettuce that I immediately stuck in a pot of dirt, and a six-pot of johnny-jump-ups for [profile] hollimichelle's front flowerbed.
neotoma: Elrond (cool blue ocean) (Elrond (cool blue ocean))
( Feb. 11th, 2015 06:21 pm)
Someone threw half my mint pants, my primrose, all of my smaller strawberries, and my smaller shadbush into the trash and recycling bins today. I managed to rescue a bunch of them, but I'm pretty pissed off.

I'm really afraid it was the groundskeeping staff at my apartment, who have been around pruning (badly) and I generally haven't trusted since they planted rows of boxwoods all over.

So now I have to decide whether it is worth complaining to the housing office, or whether they'll say it's my fault for leaving my outside plants outside over winter.
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( Jan. 14th, 2014 09:54 pm)
I spent last night and tonight making a spreadsheet of all the seed packets I have, with the suggested start date and sowing method. I have over 60 different cultivars as a seeds -- sometimes multiple cultivars of the same plant, like 7 differernt kinds of pepper (hot, sweet, and chile) and at least 4 kinds of tomatoes, and I haven't even found all my seed packets from the brand that carries European cultivars yet.

Maybe I really should look into trying to get a plot at the community garden that is slightly less than a mile from my place. It's only $35 for a 200 square foot plot, and in summer I would probably have the energy to go work on it, what with there actually being sunlight when after work...


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