Oven-Roasted Peach Butter, from Food In Jars, by Marisa McClellan

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Yield: According to instructions, 3 half-pint jars. Today, 2 half-pint jars and 1 quart-pint jar.
I made Strawberry Vanilla Jam tonight, with limes instead of lemons... because the store didn't have organic lemons. If I'm going to put zest into a food, I prefer that there's no chance of pesticides going into the food.

Anyway, the yield was 2 pint jars, 2 half-pint jars, and 2 quarter-pint jars of strawberry vanilla jam... one of those pint jars will go to the Ag Fair, but the rest..? Will get distributed at whim, probably. I have promised [personal profile] texasgrandma that I will label anything else I send her, instead of sending mystery ketchup, but that's all.

Honey cupcakes, made using Killer Bee honey from the Bee Folks, for my book group on Sunday. We’re reading Tooth & Claw by Jo Walton.

Not bad considering I use a pastry bag once a year.

Chicken empanada, chicken tamale, tamale de elote, pint of chocolate milk, three tins of spice blend from Max's Degrees, cheese from Kenswick creamery (including a pound of quark, so cheesecake for Easter!), seedling plants -- lavender, rosemary, lemon thyme, mammoth sunflowers, bell peppers -- loose sweet italian sausage, kimchi, sourdough batard, and eggs.
The springerle cookies my mom ordered for me from The Springerle House just arrived. They must have used a dozen different molds, and extremely detailed ones, as the cookies are rectangular, square, and round, and have elaborate scenes on them, including two different nativity scenes!

They taste fantastic! I'm going to have to share them, or I'll eat them all fifty cookies myself.
For my local friends, it looks like Rancho Gordo has their cassoulet beans back in stock, as well as some of the other beans and specialty items; I'd like to get an order together to save on shipping.

If you're interested, comment or email.
Melamokaroma, tiropita, cheese & quince pie, apple cider, crescendo (manchego-style) goat cheese, black pepper chevre, beef kabobs, fig-anise bread, tilipia empanada, smoked salmon empanda, and pear-apple-ginger turnover.

I may order a vasilopita for the New Year's party. I'm definitely making pfeffernusse, and wish I knew where I could get springerle, as I'm finding I really want those anise cookies my grandmother used to make for Christmas, even though they were not quite hard as rocks -- they just smelled like Christmas.
Finally made the doenjangguk that I was planning to make this weekend. I did substitute the acorn squash I grew in my garden for zucchini, which was a substitution suggested by Maangchi. It was good, and definitely an option to repeat when squashes are cheap and plentiful in autumn and early winter.

Fresh littleneck clams aren't exactly cheap, though, and I'm trying to come up with a substitute that has a similar taste and texture profile.
Last night, [livejournal.com profile] fabrisse and I had dinner at Plume.

It is an experience I heartily recommend to anyone -- the tasting menu has vegetarian options for all courses, the prix fix menu did not. You'll need your fancier clothes, of course, and reservations. The sommelier came out to help [livejournal.com profile] fabrisse pick two wines for dinner -- she was able to have a half-glass of one, and a full glass of the other, paired for her dinner.

The amuse bouche last night was asparagus cream, a pickled herring macaron, and a tiny slice of brisket topped with tomato. I ate [livejournal.com profile] fabrisse's brisket, though I suspect they would have found a substitute if we'd made a point of it.

The second course for me was soft-shelled crab tempura with sweet potato tempura matchsticks and green tomato chutney; the crab was exquisite after I cut it into four pieces. Her first course was saffron carrot tartare with chive blossoms and pistachio oil.

My third course was red rock mullet filet served over two squash blossoms, cut open and laid flat over blood sausage. Her second course was broccoli with garam masala and double-baked sunchokes over a hazelnut foam.

My fourth course was lovage pasta (bright green!) carbonara, with a coddled duck egg, duck prosciutto, and chanterelles; it came in a lidded glass bowl. Her second course was ricotta basil gnocchi (not quite as bright green), yellow cherry tomatoes, basil oil and sea beans.

My fifth course was duo of lamb -- a merguez sausage, a medallion of lamb loin, a bundle of haricot verte tied with a garlic stalk as a ribbon and a garlic black tuile (a baked ribbon that was absolutely fantastic) and a mint filled garlic bun (basically, a bao stuffed with black garlic and mint) served au jus. Her fifth course was a wild mushroom and porcini tartlette the size of her hand.

The sixth course was a pre-dessert palate cleanser. Mine was a beautiful strawberry confection; hers was a specially made that was peach, possibly, but some other fruit because she's allergic to strawberries.

Desert was a rhubarb blanc mange with two mini-macaron, blueberries slivers, apricot slices, rhubarb coulis, and apricot sorbet.

Then we both had peppermint tea to wind down.
Has anyone ever tried substituting cubeb for peppercorn in Pfeffernüsse? I'm thinking it might be very tasty. And it's not like I don't have time to bake...
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( Mar. 2nd, 2014 05:14 pm)
Since I officially need to get more Vitamin D in my diet, do you have a favorite recipe for salmon, herring, enriched tofu, or other vitamin D-rich foods that you'd like to recommend?
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( Dec. 18th, 2013 06:43 pm)
So I made the apple cider caramels, but I forgot to put in the cinnamon and salt at the end.

I have a block of something that has the consistency of taffy and is very tasty, but I think I'll try it again and remember to salt them next time. These are going to be wrapped and brought to the holiday potluck at work.
I did put down a deposit for a goose (a small one) for Thanksgiving. Now I just need friends to help me eat it.

I usually ask people to bring a side dish or similar -- I make the entree, the deserts (pies, ice cream, and sorbet) and the stuffing myself. Occasionally this gets experimental, like the year I made duck and also fried parsley.

Currently I plan on making goose (with or without chestnut stuffing), homemade applesauce, sweet potato pie, and homemade ginger ale. More dishes can be added depending on who and how many people wind up eating with me.

So let me know -- want to come to Thanksgiving with me this year?

Poll #14495 Thanksgiving dinner
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I am

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probably coming
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will get back to you
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I am coming and I

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eat meat
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am vegan
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have other dietary restrictions which I will detail
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do I make Sonoran spiced orange chicken or Roasted spring chicken with herbs and ricotta with the 3lb bird I bought today?

The first recipe has slices of orange under the skin with the rest of the orange quartered and stuffed in the cavity, with sweet paprika, dried hot pepper flakes, cumin, cinnamon, and oregano for flavor. The second recipe has basil, garlic, parsley, olive oil, and lemon zest mixed with ricotta and stuffed under the skin before roasting.

They both sound easy and delicious, and I have everything required for either one...
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( Nov. 11th, 2012 02:54 pm)
So I went to the Crafty Bastards fair yesterday (report here), and thus was at Union Market. Tasty, tasty Union market...

I have all sorts of ideas for Thanksgiving dinner, and it will be glorious!

This year, ellen_fremedom and I are co-hosting, with a roast, a chicken, a variety of soft drinks and starchy foods to be indulged in.

What we need now is a head count...

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Thankgiving dinner, Nov 22, 2012

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I am coming; what should I bring?
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I'm out of town, but have a good time!
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I'm out of town/country, but please post the recipes
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something else, in comments
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Right now it looks like it will probably be a gluten-free Thankgiving, but that's not a worry -- Thanksgiving is all about alternative starches! Sweet potato pie, pumpkin soup, and corn fritters for everybody!
So, I'm planning on hosting Thanksgiving dinner for locals in a few weeks -- complete with a tasting menu of homemade soft drinks, including raspberry shrub, ginger ale, and maybe even a lactarte or two. Previously, I've made duck, but the farm I got that from doesn't come to my local market anymore, so I'm thinking maybe hasenpfeffer or sauerbraten with homemade spatzle (assuming I can find my ricer somewhere in the depth of my kitchen supples).

Anyone intersted? I usually ask people to bring a side dish, like a salad or a really good crusty bread. I generally make my own desserts -- ice cream, pie, cheesecake, all homemade.

It's also a chance to show off the new apartment, which has windows and sunlight!
I'm planning on cooking Thanksgiving dinner -- and my local friends are invited.

Last year I made a duck, but this year I will make an actual turkey if enough people RSVP -- a free-range turkey if possible.

It'll probably be like my Labor Day party, where I made the main dish, some of the sides, and the desert and had people bring salads, bread, and vegetable dishes. Though if I get as many people to come to Thanksgiving, I promise to invest in some paper plates so that we don't have to wash dishes before we can have desert (I ran out of plates... oops).

Let me know if you're going to be in town and are interested in coming.


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