In Supernatural, we've seen two of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse who aren't on horses anymore... )

So, it stands to reason that Death and Pestilience (or Conquest, I'm not quite sure which version of the White Horseman they're going to use on the show -- heck, they might decided to use the Anti-Christ interpretations, which means Jesse!) are going to drive expensive American-brand cars of some sort, possibly with horse names... what might they be?

I'm kind of loving the idea that at least one of the Horsemen drives a Pinto (probably Death, given the bad reputation of that car), but since I'm not up on classic or luxury cars, I wouldn't mind some suggestions.

I'm also trying to decide if angels in armor -- as Michael is constantly being shown to wear in the paintings that they putting the background of episodes -- wear helmets or not. It would appear not, but if the angels are wearing armor, why not helmets?
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( Aug. 17th, 2009 11:30 pm)
[personal profile] isilweth pointed out that Dick and Clark came up spoiler for Blackest Night )

WTF?! That is just plain *wrong*. WRONG!

Batman is the one who does the expedient and morally shitty thing. Superman does the Right Thing, even when it hurts him.
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I'm still worried that Willingham and Sturges are going to wreck my love for the series -- especially with the JSA splitting into two books.

Currently, though I'm trying to figure out some things )

I've also been Judd Winick GREEN ARROW comics from the library. Wow, people weren't kidding about Connor being white-washed by the artists... Also, Ollie and Roy fail in various annoying ways when it comes to their individual interactions with women.
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( Aug. 2nd, 2009 10:13 pm)
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen -- Black Dossier )

Secret Six

Gail Simone is brilliant )

Her Welcome to Tranquility is an amazingly sweet little homage to superhero comics and the troubles they'd be in the real world. I especially like the friendship between the Captain Marvel analogue and his archenemy Henry Hate; it's werid but it works


I think I'm going to give the Willingham run three issues before I pitch it -- and if I do pitch it, I'm going to write a letter to DC explaining why I've dumped a series that I've liked enough to pick up in trades as well as monthlies...
My brain goes strange places -- there are a distinct lack of Slytherins in Keystone/Central, mainly because the Rogues are amazingly unambitious for what they can do

There is also a lot of Chaos on the Rogues' side, but a suprisingly low amount of Evil considering most of the characters are costumed supervillains.

The Good )
The Bad )
The Evil )

Interestingly, while the heroic characters are mostly Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors (pretty typical for hero types), the villains are mostly *Ravenclaws*, with the occasional Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. I could only tag two of the characters as Slytherins, both of the Tricksters, and they hate each other...
I've got two DCU stories in outline-y states right now, and I'm probably going to rip one apart and redo it.

The outline (hereafter named 'the Failverse') is an insane bit of scribbling, which I have no idea how to end, but where I want to change a character beat I established at the start, because I think it would be more interesting to have one of my focal characters loudly confabulating as the bad guys have screwed with his memory to the point that he's making up stories to explain to himself what's going on.

But that means he's going to be all over the map characterization-wise, because he is flipping back and forth in his personal history based on who he is with -- if he's with his old criminal gang, he will think he's still a criminal and talk accordingly. If he's with his post-reform superhero friend, then he's going to assume that he's working *against* the old criminal gang. And if he's confronted with his superhero friend's *predecessor*, he's going to think he's way back, to when that guy arrested his boyfriend, and attack. He'll be almost impossible to deal with, just because he keeps jumping to different interpretations of what is happening and mistaking friends for enemies and enemies for friends.

Also, I've got to decide what the ending is: 'Don Giovanni', Verdi's 'Requiem', or possibly even 'The Nutcracker Suite'.
Since I've totally lost my mind and volunteered for the [ profile] flash_rogues holiday gift exchange, I'm doing character analysis.


Real Name: )

Aliases: )

Background: )

Deafness: )

Costume and equipment: )

Meta-humanity: )

Rats: )

Romantic Relationships: )
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( Dec. 2nd, 2008 09:15 pm)
While I was writing up character analyses today -- it's something I do preparatory to writing a story -- I think I came up with a good insight about the Pied Piper (one of my favorite supporting characters from The Flash). I think part of the reason he dislikes his actual name so much, to the point that almost everyone -- cape, crook and civilian -- calls him 'Piper', is that the doesn't identify with it all.

I mean that he doesn't recognize it as his *name*, because he was profoundly deaf from birth until about the age of seven (at which point he had an operation that replaced his cochleae with cybernetics that gave him his incredible hearing and lead to his obsession with music and sonics -- it's a comic book world, just go with it). If he has any name that he identifies with other than 'Piper', it's in ASL, which would just about have to be his first language.

I think the name issue will be an important theme, if I do actually manage to write a story here...
[ profile] sanj is bad for me -- we hit the yarn store today (and the bead store right next door!) and then had a late lunch...

Which degenerated into a discussion of what Hank McCoy would do if he woke up female one day...

the conclusion: freak only for few moments, realize that many women can have multiple orgasms, and go find Bobby to assist some empirical data gathering...

I'm gonna have to write this.
I've been pimping Xmen at my friend [ profile] sanj. It's a devious plot to get her to write me Xmen fic. First I got her to watch Xmen Evolution with me. Then I got her the 'Gifted' trade of Astonishing (cause she love Joss Whedon, yes she does), and now I've lent her some of the New X-men trades.

But we were talking about the books on Sunday, and Julian Keller (Hellion) came up. [ profile] sanj thinks there is a good kid under there, somewhere. I'm not so sure. But we both thought he was reckless, and that he is taking advantage of Laura (X-23) Kinney's crush on him most cruelly. And that Emma is actively making the boy worse, no matter what she actually intends with her mentoring of him.

Today, I realized that Julian is just one of a long string of teacher's pets that Emma has had, and that none of them were exactly improved by her attention.

In the original Hellions, there was Manuel de la Rocha (Empath) who Emma allowed to prey on his teammates and the non-mutant students at Emma's Academy. In Generation X, Monet seemed to be Emma's favorite student, or at least the one she thinks is most competent. Then in the Morrison run of Xmen, Emma focused on the Cuckoos, and in Xmen Academy/New Xmen, she's focused on Julian Keller.

All of these students are powerful psychics of one sort or another, from the upper classes, with a tendency to play cruel power games. It's a really worrying pattern. It's like Emma is trying to recreate herself.
All right Marvel fans, I have a question for you.

Emma Frost, though she's tough as nails and frighteningly pragmatic, fit into the role of femme fatale. She uses her looks as weapon against men, and to compete against women; that's not all she uses, obviously, as she is smart, cunning, and an excellent telepath, but it's the most obvious tool she has.

But how does she react to men who are not attracted to her at all? Does it throw a wobbly at her, to meet someone who just is blank towards her?
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considering it woke me up yesterday with "Hey, you could write that girl!Hank/Bobby fic! It'd be a great First Class fic! Or an Astonishing fic!"

Possibly I'm going to be writing *two* girl!Hank stories... my brain really hates me.

So, for those of you who are sporty types, what women's sport is closest to the rough and tumble of American football... soccer? women's rugby? lacrosse? I really have no idea...
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Last week, tartanshell posted her very cute story for xmmficathon : Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda, in which Movieverse Scott Summers has taken a job as camp couselor for college credit, and meets someone even worse with people than he.

Which made me remember her lovely stories Office Hours (where Peter Parker finds out something odd about his college instructor, Hank McCoy), and its sequel, The Wisdom to Know the Difference.

So I've spent the last week reading XMM and X-comic-fic, mainly centering on Beast (utter geeks are my type, but you knew that). It's been fun, digging up links to stories I read back when I was in Xmen fandom, but I'd like recs to more recent stuff. There's a lot that's gone on in the books in the last years -- and I've been re-reading my comic books too -- that I don't know the fic for. Anyone know where the current archives are?

Also, there's something that's bothered me about comics canon, but I think it's just because I actually took mammalogy. Do the writers realize that all felines are obligate carnivores? Past the carnassial shears, cats don't have functional molars -- they have to eat meat because they can't chew plants.

This would absolutely suck if you'd been pretty normal (for a Marvelverse value of 'normal') beforehand and now had to adapt to a really screwy diet that was meat, meat, meat, and meat with occasional bones for chasers. Not to mention the whole things about cats not being able to taste sweetness -- if Hank is actually that feline now, he would have confused everyone by abandoning Twinkies and other junk food...

And would the artists decided if he's plantigrade or digitigrade, please?
Sharpe's Sword (transcript here) is yet another interesting addition to the Sharpe series. The South Essex, the unit the Riflemen are attached to, seems to have a competent colonel for once and an achievable goal instead of another suicide mission. Of course, it all goes blooey because this is a Sharpe story.

Why isn't there more fic for this fandom? You'd think anything that includes in its canon a wet and naked Sean Bean character would have oodles of fanfic... )
So, I'm watching Sharpe's Regiment (thank you, Netflix), mainly because I moved to New Mexico when the series was airing on PBS and I didn't get to see them the first time all the first time round.

And really, all I can think is that Richard Sharpe falls predictably for two types of women: the first category, who last an episode or so, are damsels in distress that he can and does rescue; the second category, rarer but longer lasting, are women who can totally kick his ass. His sergeant actually twits him about his predictablity about women.

It's also fun to watch for the manners displayed -- I'm not an expert on Regency manners by any means -- but it is amsuing how Sharpe tends to be very correct about how to address people (even strange women who drag him home, shag him, and then kick him out the door without ever telling him their name) but the people above him the social ranks just aren't.

His brief foray into shameless street theater in an effort to keep his battalion from being broken up is an effort shameless enough for Miles Vorkosigan. Actually, if Miles ran into a man like Richard Sharpe, the Hegen Hub would be doomed -- Miles would do all the political manuveuring and just point Sharpe in the right direction, end of story. Sharpe's plan to figure out where his missing recruits are by joining the army as a private is rather Milesian, come to think of it...

It was also figuring out that one of the villians is played by the actor who played one of the more memorable roles in the 7th Doctor episode "Ghost Light".

Basically, I'm having fun watching, and will for days, given that there were so many episodes made.

PS I have seen the first disc of House, M. D., and it was wonderful. I have a lot of catching up to do...

PSS I'm still planning on having a marathon of the first Sharpe's episodes sometime in the next month or two. I should have copies of the first five by then...
[ profile] sueworld2003 has an interesting post on slave-fic in Buffyfic that I found through [ profile] metafandom.

I don't read much in Buffy anymore, but I have noticed slave-fics as a cross-fandom thing -- TPM fans, I'm looking at you -- and have even tried to write my own fic on the subject ('twas terrible, by the way). There was even a slash archive, Boys in Chains, dedicated to slave-fics, once upon a time.

Maybe it's safer to look at power inequalities through the viewpoint of men-coded-female then through the viewpoint of actual women characters )Or maybe we just like to imagine attractive men in handcuffs...
When Sateda was destroyed, the Wraith took Ronon Dex, implanted a tracking device in him, set him back on a planet, and started chasing him.

The series implies that they did it for fun, some sort of Wraith sport or as a training exercise. Frankly, I think that's a little unlikely, though the characters probably accept it because they don't want to think cold-bloodedly enough about *why* the Wraith would do that to a person.

I think they were using him as a stalking horse. To find previously unknown human populations all they'd have to do is track where he Gated to as he tried to run away from them -- he'd would have lead them to everywhere he felt he might get help, until they caught him again or he started avoiding people.

Given that Ronon's homeworld was very advanced -- energy weapons, body armor, skyscrapers -- I think the Wraith were trying to not only eliminate the Satedans as a threat to themselves, but every culture that might have traded enough technology with Sateda to have a leg up on resisting the cullings.

Ronon knows of at least one human settlement that was wiped out after he spent only a night there -- it's why he'd taken to avoiding humans and lived on a nearly inhospitable world. There might be others that he didn't hear about, especially after he started avoiding human beings. He did go to visit places where there were humans at least occasionally -- he had two different doctors attempt to remove the tracker -- but whether that was before or after he heard about the wiped-out settlement we don't know.

All this suggests to me that the Wraith are pretty darned organized about how they deal with their human prey, though they haven't quite got to the point of domestication (though the Wraith-worshippers are probably a step on the path...) and will be hard to defeat, because the won't break into bickering like the Goa'uld System Lords nor are their any superior alien allies for Atlantis to ally with -- the Ascended Ancients don't care enough about non-Ascended humans to bother.
The Clone Wars microseries is an interesting addition to the Star Wars movies. Bits of history that didn't show up in the movies are explored in it, including Anakin's Knighting.

It's not an entirely happy event )
Luke, on the other hand... )
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( Aug. 22nd, 2005 03:50 pm)
Given that political practice on Naboo involves the Queen using a name for her reign that is not her personal or family name, do we think Palpatine's name is likewise a regnal name?

And do Jedi rename the children given to them? I'm wondering where Obi-Wan came up with "Ben", and I have a sneaking suspicion that it was the name he was given at birth.
For all of you who have seen the movie, there is one little bit of dialogue that is bothering me.

Towards the end of the movie... )Oh, and the answer that Bruce completely flubbed? To the question, spoiler )


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