The springerle cookies my mom ordered for me from The Springerle House just arrived. They must have used a dozen different molds, and extremely detailed ones, as the cookies are rectangular, square, and round, and have elaborate scenes on them, including two different nativity scenes!

They taste fantastic! I'm going to have to share them, or I'll eat them all fifty cookies myself.
For my local friends, it looks like Rancho Gordo has their cassoulet beans back in stock, as well as some of the other beans and specialty items; I'd like to get an order together to save on shipping.

If you're interested, comment or email.
Melamokaroma, tiropita, cheese & quince pie, apple cider, crescendo (manchego-style) goat cheese, black pepper chevre, beef kabobs, fig-anise bread, tilipia empanada, smoked salmon empanda, and pear-apple-ginger turnover.

I may order a vasilopita for the New Year's party. I'm definitely making pfeffernusse, and wish I knew where I could get springerle, as I'm finding I really want those anise cookies my grandmother used to make for Christmas, even though they were not quite hard as rocks -- they just smelled like Christmas.
This weekend was kind of busy. I met [ profile] fabrisse and [ profile] pleasance at the Eat Local First DC street party that was at Union Market on Saturday.

It was awfully hot when I got there, so [ profile] fabrisse and I went in to wait for[ profile] pleasance and got French macaroons and iced tea from Pearl Fine Teas -- the ice tea was a Moroccan Mint, but I found it really bitter, almost stewed in flavor. However that might be because I grew up in the south and prefer sweet tea, and this was unsweetened. We did wander around a bit -- Salt and Sundry has a rather broad range of shrubs from Liber & Co, more than they have on their website, and some fancy syrups from another producer that I might go back and pick up, because while I have Fix the Pumps, I don't want to have to make every basic syrup in order to try the advanced recipes.

I also dropped my ulu off at DC Sharp -- they charged $16 to sharpen it, and told me to come back in 3 hrs.

The street party outside had a lot of vendors specializing in everything from kombucha, meal kits (fresh ingredients, seasonings, and the recipes, delivered to you!), white bean pies, coffee, pickles (No. 1 Sons), and a stand that was selling a very tasty lemon-rosemary shrub with half-priced refills. I picked up several cards, and will keep an eye out for the chef who made the white bean pie -- it was fantastic!

We retreated after a while to the cool of Union Market -- the building has air-conditioning -- and sat down to eat. [ profile] pleasance picked up a sandwich from Red Apron Butchery, I bought two empandas from DC Empanadas, and [ profile] fabrisse tried the carmelized tofu at TaKorean. The last two have food trucks, so if you're local, keep your eyes open for them -- the food was tasty and reasonably priced.

We ended the day picking up my ulu -- very very sharp now -- and stopping by Righteous Cheese, which has a wonderful selection of cheese and is just too tempting.

On Sunday, [personal profile] greenygal, [ profile] pleasance, and I went to the National Geographic Museum to see the pirates exhibit -- it's actually about one pirate ship, the Whydah, which is the first authenticated pirate ship found in US waters. The exhibit starts with a bit of theater, as you enter into an antechamber, where a short and informative introduction plays on two screens and then goes to lightning effects and drama before the doors to the exhibit swing open to invite you inside.

Afterwards, we went to a special event at Fantom Comics, which I had to bow out of early because I was tired and my work starts quite early on weekdays. On the other hand, I have ordered Saga by Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples. I hope Fantom's staff with be able to rec more SF comics, since I've almost completely gone off superhero comics (and found it amusing that the staff were just as exasperated about the DCnU as the customers were).

All in all, it was a fun weekend.


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