Today [ profile] fabrisse and I went over to the Talbots; I tried on several sets of dress slacks for the new job. Their weekend chinos, when rolled down, are long enough and will be fine for officewear. I also picked up a new suit for the first day -- blue & white bird's-eye twill in cotton -- along with two button-down shirts, two tunic-type shirts, and grey slacks.

With the Talbots birthday discount and the current sale, everything was 40% off, so why I will be paying this off for a while, I think it was a pretty good investment. My jeans worked fine at the old job, but this new job is more office than lab, and thus the jeans won't cut it.

I still hate that fake pockets are a thing. The saleswoman found me a lot of nice slacks, but I had to reject two outright because they had fake pockets instead of real pockets; fake pockets make no sense to me, because if they're going to all the trouble to cut and sew in false welts for pockets, why not just make them really pockets? How much could that possibly add to the cost of the clothes at that point?

I applied for a job today and got a call from the recruiter within 30 minutes. Either I was the first one to apply, the recruiter just happened to see my application first, or I really am ideal for the job. I'll have a short interview on Monday, so we'll see; it's a government contract position, if they even decide to pass me onto the client...
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( May. 15th, 2015 06:10 pm)
So, my computer basically ground itself to death on Tuesday. I took it to the local MicroCenter, where I had originally bought it, to see if it could be repaired but the cost of repair estimates were high enough that it was basically the same price to buy a refurbished computer from stock and proceed from there.

I also bought an enclosure and pulled my old computer's hard drive, rather than pay the data transfer fee -- $20 vs $70.

Sadly, the best computer for my money was a Windows 8 machine, which has a terrible interface that is so frustrating that I wanted to smash the screen within 30 minutes of trying to navigate it. Fortunately, you can find freeware skins to emulate the Windows 7 layout, which I did immediately after installing Chrome and Firefox.

So I have a new computer and another couple of hundred dollars in debt, but I'm not trying to search job postings from my Kindle. So that's good.


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