I've been chatting with [personal profile] hannah about a possible SPN au idea with angels as physical beings -- mainly because it sounds like a great excuse to do a lot of world-building.

Some preliminary sketchs of angel-human relations, including agendered childhoods, sedoretu marriages, avian behavior, etc )
So, the season is over, and I am more or less satisfied with the finale (though there was one moment of "That's kind of neat! Except...no.") and the bunnies are biting hard, seeing as how I won't get Jossed or Kripked in the next four months. I might actually get something finished before the sixth season starts.

Thus, bunnies, all nice and outlined...

[personal profile] schmevil said what *I* want is a story where Castiel is Gabriel and Anna's fledge, and they're raising their awkward teen-angel on earth... yeah, you can imagine how my brain ran with it...

Angels and Ostriches -- it's a Wee!chester bunny  )

The other bunny is mutated from my plans for a sequel to We Sat Down and Wept, because if the show made Gabriel into Loki, I am damn well going to run with it!

The Apotheosis of Sam Winchester (chock full of spoilers for the finale) Might be Sam/Gabriel/Kali. Or gen, you never know )
neotoma: Roadrunner fetish goes "beep beep!' (roadrunner)
( Jan. 10th, 2010 08:41 pm)
I blame [personal profile] kijikun and her hilarious and sweet crack drabble

I have Mpreg orgy SPN crack-bunny involving the angels. HOW?! )

Basically, it's insanely silly and would let me indulge my angels-as-space-aliens interpretation, because the angels are *not* and should *not* be written as humans with wings, at least as far as I'm concerned...
BARRY: There's a morgue for the League's enemies three stories below the meeting room? ) -- Blackest Night #1

Except now I want Piper to be responsible for publishing an expose series on this and other abuses by the Justice League -- Rathaway Publish might own newspapers, and it'd be fun for the heroes to deal with a PR disaster of such epic proportion. Especially since at least a few of the people they dug up for their little 'morgue' have families that would have objected -- and maybe a few were never proved to be supervillains legally?

Especially because I have this idea about Barry going to try to 'reason' with the chief editors at the paper breaking this story, and being told it was the publisher who okayed/pushed for the story. When he goes to confront 'Mr. Rathaway', Barry thinks he looks familiar, but can't place him until Wally runs in and has a fit at Piper, who stands there and takes it, mulishly and with bad grace.

Piper is *pissed* about the grave-robbing, possibly because the heroes tried to exhume James Jesse from where he was eventually buried (Chicago, by his fellow FBI agents? Central City, by Piper?) and Piper decided to finally use all the useless, filthy money he inheritated and run the news arm of his family's publishing company to watchdog the heroes. He's figured out he can do a lot of good with good old-fashioned muckraking journalism, and is thinking about trying to hire Lois Lane away from the Planet...

Wally has yet another "oh for god sake, PIPER!" moment, and then a "Oh, fuck, what stupidity did the League come up with *now* that I wasn't told about because they knew I'd argue with them?"

After that, I don't know... maybe Piper has really managed to retire from brawling with super-types because he doesn't win fistfights, and has finally figured out that you can do a LOT more damage if you can grasp the levers of power -- and what else is he going to do with his parents' money, after all? He's already gotten foundations and endowments running for most of his pet charities -- now it's a matter of 'prodding buttock' on a politcal level, to steal from the great Pterry...


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