Since I've signed up for the Pacific Rim Mini-Bang, I'm going to brainstorm a couple of things. Feel free to chip in with ideas and comments -- discussion helps me shape plots.

Story Idea A: A StoryCorps based series of interviews between movie characters and their friends and family members, with the idea that there is a special StoryCorps initiative to collect interviews of PPDC veterans. Maybe adapt Raleigh's opening narration from the movie into the first interview, have Mako talk about Toyko, Stacker Pentecost, and growing up in Shatterdomes, Vanessa interview Hermann about how they coped with living apart, Tendo and Alison interview each other, Newt interviewed by Hermann's kid... that sort of thing.

Story Idea B: The fifth or tenth annual Hong Kong Shatterdome survivors reunion, or maybe a Jaeger Academy reunion with a where-are-they-now feel. Raleigh or Tendo's POV, with Raleigh having become an elementary school teacher, Mako a civil engineer doing reconstruction, Tedno some sort of emergency/contingency logistics planner.

Okay, I really have no idea what Herc Hansen does after they seal the Breach. I mean, he's Marshall so he's probably involved in whatever mopping up efforts get done. But after that he goes back to Sydney and does what? His son has died, his wife has been dead for years, and his brother is in prison for a crime so heinous that although we don't know what he did we know he was immediately ejected from the Jaeger Program and remanded to the Australian criminal justice system. Does Herc buy a sheep station in the middle of nowhere and become a hermit? Or does he tidy up all his affairs and commit suicide (which would not surprise me, actually?) -- he's just strikes me as really fragile and untethered at the end of the movie.

The Wall of Life -- stupidest idea ever, enormous boondoggle, stealth welfare program, or what? I mean, how does walling off an entire ocean even work? For one things, rivers empty into the sea -- where does all that water go? Are there disgustingly stagnant artificial lakes everywhere the Wall was completed? Was it all a program to keep the population on the coasts occupied and from flooding inland and ruining national economies even more than they already were?

Rationing -- Raliegh says he hadn't seen bread in a long Wheat is a staple in the Western diet, and it's one of the supported commodities in the USA. What was he eating if not bread -- what the hell are in the rations he was working for? I mean, I can see that he probably would have been supplementing his diet with hunted meat, if he had time, a rifle, and a hunting license (or maybe he would just poach). That's not an uncommon rural survival strategy when poor -- my great-grandfather kept the family in meat during the Great Depression by being a crack shot and buying 5 or less cartridges at a time.

The Alaskan fisheries hadn't collapsed as a market by the time of Knifehead's attacl, because Gypsy Danger rescues a fishing boat of some sort, but I can't imagine any of fisheries serving any by the local and desperate by the time of the movie -- Kaiju Blue poisoning would seem to make them as unappealing as Gulf shrimp after the British Petroleum oil disaster. Which is kind of a shame, since Alaskan salmon is probably one of the best managed fisheries in the world today.

How many Jaegers were there? Stacker Pentecost says that the Hong Kong Shatterdome had space for 30 Jaegers in its heyday -- and there were multiple 'domes. Just how many Jaegers were lost? The list of known Jaegers from the paracanon doesn't add up to 30, and it certainly doesn't add up to 60, which is what the cadre would be if the two canonically Shatterdomes -- Hong Kong and Alaska -- are all that there were. The math is screwy, to say the least.

I kind of love the K-Science boys, and yet Newt's lab practices appall me. He is wearing only gloves in the scene where he is dissecting a kaiju organ in the background -- no other personal protective gear like a lab coat or apron or face mask. This is very bad lab practice; lab coats aren't there to signify you are a scientist, they are there to keep icky stuff off your skin and your actual clothes. As is the fact that his gloves appear to be vinyl, not latex or nitrile, which means it's the least protective of the three options. I'm going to have to fan-wank that as since the Shatterdome was being run as 'the Resistance', there was no money for consumables like disposable lab gowns, proper gloves, or biohazard disposal (no red bins in that lab). It's a miracle that Newt didn't accidentally poison himself.

Following up on that, I kind of want to write a story with Kaiju!Newt who got that way not because of the Drift with, but because he was a K-Scientist cutting up kaiju parts using terrible safety procedures. Other people would also be affected -- coastal dwellers, fishermen, kaiju harvesters, users of Kaiju Remedies and other black market kaiju goods, Jaeger ground crews who had to clean kaiju guts off Jaegers while repairing them -- by whatever transformative agent the kaiju masters engineered. Maybe it was some sort of pre-terraforming agent, that they sent out to transform some of the 'vermin' into useful drones to have an established workforce beavering away at getting their new digs nice and tidy before they moved in. It would be a slow, progressive disease/transformation and there would different stages depending on your exposure, your age and general health, and your susceptibility; and there would be a lot of way that it could suddenly change from a slow progression to a sudden systems collapse as the agent triggers a non-survivable change -- after all, the kaiju masters wouldn't have cared how many people died, as long as enough were transformed to accomplish their goals, whatever they were.

Maybe a noticeable percentage of kids are being born with things like sensory fronds instead of hair, bioluminscent spots, or other kaiju-ish traits -- and adults sometimes get them too, though the adults are more likely to suffer a fatal systemic organ collapse, while kids are surprisingly resilient. There would probably be discrimination against kaijuified people, especially once you got off the Pacific Rim coasts where such traits are fairly common because of all the kaiju contamination -- Europe and Africa might actually be closed to kaijuified people because of over-reacting politicians trying to enforce a quarantine even though the disease doesn't spread through person-to-person contact, but is more of an environmental hazard spread by coming in contact with kaiju-contaminated water and soil (by which you know the entire world is screwed, because the water cycle is all connected.

Basically, I want to fic a body-horror monsterification story, though I have no plot for it. Maybe it can be a side plot to Story A or Story B...
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From: [personal profile] feuervogel

The StoryCorps idea is so cool.

There's a fic (at least one) on AO3 where Newt turns into a kaiju. I remember reading it, but I don't know if I bookmarked it. (I'm generally not into horror.)

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