This past Saturday, I was fortunate enough to attend a double program at my guild. The morning was taken up by Koji and Debbie Wada of Kasuri Dyeworks -- dealers in the finest Japanese textiles available.

Lots of really pretty images -- dial-up warning )
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( Sep. 3rd, 2006 04:30 pm)
The things you can find on a google search -- in this case, a nifty bit of software that allows one to chart and *model* a cardweaving pattern. Guntram's Tabletweaving Thingy is such a wonderful toy for crafters. It's very versatile, too, because it charts threaded-in, double-faced, brocade, or twist-patterned cardweaving.

It even makes pictures! )Also, check out the gallery, and the prototype metal tablet (pretty! I want some!)
These are the two pieces that I am putting into the Strathmore show -- a Scribble Lace Shawl, and a woven table runner )It will be interesting to see if they sell, and what sort of comments I'll get. Also, the reception will be nerve-wracking, but I do intend to go.
Yesterday, I demonstrated cardweaving (aka tabletweaving) at the Bethesda Public Library. My guild Potomac Craftsman, has a display at the library for the next few months, and every other Saturday, guild members will be demonstrating various skills in there in the afternoon.

Cardweaving -- aka you don't *need* a loom )

Thanks to [ profile] twistedchick for taking the photos.


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