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( Jul. 22nd, 2014 07:20 am)
I had my surgery yesterday (thanks, [ profile] fabrisse for sitting with me beforehand), and stayed the night at [personal profile] meri_oddities because even with outpatient surgery, one really shouldn't be alone the first 24 hrs afterwards.

Medical details, possibly tmi )By about 2 am I could lay flat, and this morning I managed to take a shower and dress myself. I'm going to be very cautious about lifting anything with my right arm for the next few days, but hopefully it won't be a problem by the end of the week.

And maybe I'll actually be hungry soon, since I've eaten two pudding cups and two cups of yogurt, but the attempt at soup and soft bread I had to give up on after only a few spoonfuls. Ginger ale seems to help, or at least has calories -- I can get a 32 oz glass of water down, but it takes a couple of hours... and a straw, since my neck is still stiff.

Anyway, I seem to be on the mend, and hope to be up to light socializing soon.
neotoma: Neotoma albigula, the white-throated woodrat! [default icon] (Default)
( Jul. 20th, 2014 10:22 am)
I'm going to be recovering from surgery for the next two weeks, and I'd like recommendations for reading material to occupy my time while I'm doing it.

I like long plotty stories where if there is a romance, the successful resolution isn't the end of the story -- if there's an AU and it's dystopian, the world is still awful even if two characters are having sex, and the plot should still go on. I also like well done trope-inversion stories.

I've mainly been reading in Pacific Rim these days, but I also like Doctor Who, Torchwood, Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Comics (The Flash, mostly), Supernatural (season 1-5, mostly), Vorkosigan, and several other fandoms, which you can see at my pinboard.

I'd also like recs for SF&F stories, and non-fiction books on history, anthropology, and any interesting topics you can think of for the layperson. I might not buy more than 1 or 2 of them, but the public library isn't too far for me to get to.
Anyone have suggestions for what to take for cramps that doesn't invovle NSAIDS?

For reasons, I can't take painkillers like aspirin or alleve this week, or anything that might have the side effect of thinning the blood. I've already eaten a bar of dark chocolate, which often helps, but right now I've got the restlessness and persistent backache that are my normal symptoms during menstrual onset, but I'd rather avoid this 'climbing the walls' feeling if at all possible.


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