Anyone have suggestions for what to take for cramps that doesn't invovle NSAIDS?

For reasons, I can't take painkillers like aspirin or alleve this week, or anything that might have the side effect of thinning the blood. I've already eaten a bar of dark chocolate, which often helps, but right now I've got the restlessness and persistent backache that are my normal symptoms during menstrual onset, but I'd rather avoid this 'climbing the walls' feeling if at all possible.
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From: [personal profile] hannah

Parsley tea's helped me a couple of times. Anything herbal, really.

I've also found heavy exercise helps me deal with the cramps. I don't know how feasible this would be for you, but maybe next month. The gym I go to has a steam room as well, which is dandy for helping me feel better before, during, and afterwards.
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From: [personal profile] par_avion

Calcium. It helps cramps in smooth muscles. Calcium lactate is more bioavailable, but any kind of calcium will help. I used to keep tums in my desk drawer for this reason.
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From: [personal profile] madripoor_rose

Heat helps with mine. I take a long bath when they're bad.
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From: [personal profile] tdotbabs

Drink lots of water. If you're having your period, all your resources are going to be focusing on that, so countering it by drinking water and keeping your body hydrated is a huge plus. Works for me, anyway!

Also, listen to your body and give it what it wants. You crave carbs? Eat carbs. You want fruit now? Eat fruit.
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From: [personal profile] rakasha

I find that tea - really any hot drink - helps, as do showers and baths. You've preempted my suggestions of chocolate, although I seldom take it straight, usually in the form of hot chocolate and brownies. I also like going for long walks while listening to music at high volume - it calms down my twitchiness and gets my mind off it.

I'm sorry that I can't be more help, but the best thing I can really suggest, in light of all the other advice people are giving you, is to keep yourself distracted. Watch a movie you've never seen, browse youtube, listen to music at high volume - there's an interesting webseries on youtube called Doraleous and Associates, have you heard of it?
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From: [personal profile] executrix

A buckwheat hull pillow you can heat and apply to your abdomen for cramps and for your neck or other sore muscles when you don't have cramps.
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From: [personal profile] isis

Alcohol, if you can (not a lot) - a pony glass of liqueur helps me substantially.
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From: [personal profile] lilacsigil

I don't know if Buscopan is available in the US but it's specifically for smooth muscle cramps and works great. It's usually sold for gastric pain but it's a first-line treatment for period pain in the UK and becoming more popular here. (I'm allergic to NSAIDS so I try lots of things!)

Heatpacks, stretching, lying completely flat, water, and chocolate all help me, too. Not as much as having a Mirena IUD though!
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From: [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith

Try this ...

Raspberry leaf. It makes a tea similar to green tea.

Cranberry is another option, but has a much stronger diuretic effect -- better for daytime use or you're likely to wake up in the middle of the night needing to pee.

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