I've dived back into Lord of the Rings recently (long weekend of knitting combined with watching all three Extended Editions), and really JRRT wrote a *lot* of Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs.

It's very odd -- there are Gryffindor characters (mostly Rohirrim, to boot) but not as many as you'd expect for an epic fantasy.

Aragorn certainly *isn't* a Gryffindor. Neither is Frodo. And Gandalf is a Slytherin.

It's not that surprising, I suppose, considering JRR Tolkien *was* a Ravenclaw -- a professor who invented languages for fun -- but it's still odd. As is writing an entire species as Hufflepuffs (ie Hobbits). But it's odd that Lord of the Rings is the modern ur-fantasy, and yet its characters don't quite fit the mold.
The Descent of Inanna is one of the oldest existing texts. It is the story of how the great goddess Inanna descends into the Underworld and returns to the land of the living. Like many takes of descent into Hell, Inanna goes through an ordeal, and comes out with knowledge.

I think that the seventh Harry Potter book will be Harry Potter In the Underworld )

Harry will come out with knowledge to do as he must.

Oh, and one other thing... )


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