This is a question I'm asking of people who've seen the movie -- when did you suspect he was Ares?
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Well, that plus he was supposedly the guy trying so hard for peace, which felt like a major misdirect. :-)
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I would like to say 'when they implied that Ludendorff was Ares' because I didn't think they were going so far as to turn an actual historical figure into their megavillain.. but really, I only knew when the fight between Wonder Woman and Ludendorff was so brief and decisive.
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When Steve called in to Etta to ask for permission to go after the poison factory. I think at that point they'd made it really "obvious" that Ludendorff was Ares and I thought that surely couldn't be it, it had to be someone else, and then HMMMM how about Sir Patrick?
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I assumed there was no personified Ares right up until the peace guy turned out to be corporeal. So not even after he revealed himself did I suspect :)
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No, I expected him to be more godlike. I didn't expect him to manifest as a human being with a life and a history. I thought he would be the energy behind the war (the way he described himself as whispering secrets into people's ears, that they could choose to act on or not), similar to Hippolyta's description of Zeus as the energy behind Diana's creation... and I suppose when that turned out to be more literal than figurative (not as dead as her story indicated?) I might have expected Ares to be personified as well. But I didn't, possibly because the movie could have been a more ambiguous story about the motives of good and evil if evil wasn't explicitly attributed to that one deity (I liked that they were more ambiguous about good, and that they emphasized that everyone has some of both). Somewhere along the way I forgot it was a superhero origin story and I started watching it as though it was its own original story, and that raised my expectations :)
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I was sure *something* was wrong when Steve was on the phone with him and all the sudden, Sir Patrick is like "No, don't blow up the factory!" When he'd been all fatherly and encouraging previously. But I still didn't think he was Ares. I thought maybe Ares had gained control of his mind, though.

When he showed up, hallucination-like, after Diana starts flipping out about the fact that the war is still happening and that Steve is going to go up in that plane, I *still* wasn't sure what was going on. Aside from that it was some major badness.

... would an upper-class Brit of that era been named "Patrick"? Wasn't that a stereotypical Irish name at that point?

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