I went to my eye-doctor today, and he thinks it's time for me to get progressive, or at least separate glasses for reading/computer and distance. And while I do have frames that I could put new lenses is, I'm also concerned about price.

So, those of you who've used them ... recommend online eyeglass stores to me? I have a rather strong perscription, so it's got to be a store that can do that and sells high-refractive index lenses.
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I use zenni and as long as you know or can measure your eyeball distance, it's awesome. (I went through three pair until I got the measurement correct, so a waste of money, but now it's awesome.) Frames as cheap as $9 and I have a prescription of around 7 in one eye 8 in the other, and I paid about $65 for my last pair of glasses, total.

If you upload a picture of your face you can virtually try on frames, too!
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I also just purchased from Zenni and I love my glasses. You can actually call the optometrist who did your exam and they should HAVE your pupillary distance, even though they don't necessarily put it on the prescription they give to you.

My eyesight is TERRIBLE (I've been wearing glasses since I was ten and I'm extremely myopic without them), and they did excellent, thin, UV resistant glasses for me. I just purchased another pair of progressives and a pair of far-sighted glasses for driving. Altogether, the two pair cost me just over $100, with shipping.
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I used BonLook. They charged an extra $30 for my stronger than usual prescriptions, but I bought when it was a "buy one, get one half off" sale and that made them come out to about $109 for each instead of $139 each. They also had good customer service when I had an issue.

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