At Con.txt, I moderated the Asexuality Roundtable panel (which had 10 to 20 people attending, much better than I expected for the last panel on the last day, especially when scheduled against the hockeyfic panel), and promised a resource post.

Here it is:

Asexuality - general information

Asexual Visibility and Education Network
Asexuality Archive
Demisexuality Awareness
A glossary of terms and concepts -- by [ profile] anagnori
Asexual Relationships -- from the Good Vibes blog
Redifining Romance: David Jay on Asexuality -- an intereiw for the radio program To The Best of Our Knoweldge
The Asexual Story Project
Giant List of Asexuality and Aromantic Blogs by [ profile] house-of-ace
Asexuality tag at Huffington Post
One Percent World
Ace Secrets
Ace Muslim -- for a look at the intersection of Islam and asexuality
Carnival of Aces masterpost
I am Not Your Dirty Secret -- sex-averse and sex-repulsed asexuality is still asexuality
Asexual Awareness Week

How To Be an Asexual Ally

How to be an Asexual Ally pt 1, pt 2, pt 3
What to Do When Someone Tells You They Are Asexual
Being an Ally to Asexuals (.pdf from U Mass)
Being an Asexual Ally

Asexuality in Fandom

[community profile] asexual_fandom
Tv Tropes: Asexuality -- the list of media that has a canon asexual character is rather impressive
An ace character in British soap opera Doctors - unsubtle, but the cousin is an awesome ally and the mother is really not
Shortland Street, a New Zealand soap opera, had a male heteroromatic asexual character
Sirens on USA has a canon asexual female character who is dating a het male, and they've agreed NOT to have sex!

Writing Acefics

Representation in Acefic
Some Issues with Asexuality in Fanfic
How to Write an Asexual Character
Writing Asexuality in Fiction masterpost by [ profile] anagnori

Reading Acefics

AO3 Asexuality tag, Asexual Character tag, Asexual Romance tag, Queerplatonic Relationship tag, Asexual Awareness Week tag, Demisexuality tag, Aromantic tag
Asexy Valentines collection on AO3

Allowed by [ profile] the_ragnarok -- Inception
At Least There's Football by [ profile] sheffiesharpe -- Sherlock
Big Ace Directedverse Fic [ profile] skull4601 -- Dresden Files, BDSM AU
A Comfortable Life by [ profile] beatrice_otter -- Pride & Prejudice
The Fall of the Veils by [ profile] lettered -- Harry Potter
Here You Come With Your Open Hands by -- by [ profile] lannamichaels Les Miserables, BDSM AU
Lorenz Attractor by [ profile] beastofthesky -- Pacific Rim
A Love with No Name -- (couldn't find this one -- anyone know it?)
Libido Has Nothing to Do With It by [ profile] ambitiousbutrubbish -- Pacific Rim
Mosaic by [ profile] isabeau -- Xmen: First Class
Neural/Hands/Shaking by [ profile] hobbitdragon -- Pacific Rim
The Problem with Kindly Interventions by [ profile] quinara-- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel's asexuality fics -- 13 works by [ profile] tardisistheonlywaytotravel
Variations on a Theme by [ profile] ImpishTubist -- Sherlock

I'd really appreciate more links for demisexuality and grey-asexuality, either informative or fic recs.
alee_grrl: A pair of purple glasses.  Text reads Ace Pride. (ace pride)

From: [personal profile] alee_grrl

The Freedom Requires Wings blog has an asexual spectrum section that features blog posts by asexual, demisexual, and grey-asexual authors. There are some interesting and useful reads there, and they are frequently looking for new contributors.

For those who are interested I also published a paper exploring the the asexual spectrum and American law and culture (it was for a Sexual Orientation and the Law course at my law school). That paper, What Do You Mean You're Not Interested in Sex?: American Life and Law from an Asexual Perspective, is available for free via Smashbooks in a variety of digital formats.
ad00absurdum: (Default)

From: [personal profile] ad00absurdum

Hi there. I can add Ace of Hearts (Whitechapel fandom) to the list of fic recs.
threewalls: threewalls (Default)

From: [personal profile] threewalls

At My Back series by [ profile] SallyExactly (Marvel Comics Universe, Natasha Romanoff & Clint Barton, Clint Barton & Phil Coulson, Phil Coulson & Natasha Romanoff, espionage/trust/platonic relationship, just a little short of 400k and counting and they're still sure that sex and/or romance isn't what they want with anyone and this is my favourite fic with ace characters ever.)

Just Wanna Have Fun by [ profile] threewalls (Tales of Vesperia, Yuri Lowell and Flynn Scifo - one genderqueer and one demisexual teenage character fumbling together.)

Steak (and No Blowjobs) Day by [ profile] threewalls (Person of Interest Fandom, Sameen Shaw & Root - f/f, one aromantic allosexual and one romantic asexual doing that "is this a date, are we on a mission?" trope.)
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From: [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith

Try this ...

See my big list of my QUILTBAG characters and series.

Particularly relevant:

Love Is For Children series -- Clint Barton is asexual, Natasha Romanova is aromantic, JARVIS is also asexual, Steve Rogers is probably demisexual, and Phil Coulson is likely gray-ace since he's hinted at occasional liaisons in the past but shows no strong hankering after sex/romance.

"The Hawkeye Initiative" -- Clint Barton is aromantic sexual, Natasha Romanova is ambiguous due to her past training.

"Daring Truths" -- Hermione and Luna are asexual.

"What Fireworks Are Like" -- Sherlock is asexual.

"Homicidal Psycho Jungle GOH" -- Calvin & Hobbes are asexual.

The Herolock Series -- Sherlock is asexual. So is Ash.

The Schrodinger's Hulk series -- Hulk is Bruce's animus, which means that Bruce is actually feminine but hasn't really figured that out yet. Betsy Ross is demisexual. Bruce-and-Hulk are still trying to get a handle on their sexuality but are in no hurry.

The Alpha Vector series -- Ash and Alex, good!Schrodinger and evil!Schrodinger are all ace.

"Why Ash Loves Alex" -- Ash is asexual, Alex unspecified.

"Drawing the Triangle" -- Omorth is asexual, and forms a permanent relationship with two dance partners.

"A Doe in Velvet" -- I still haven't pinned down if this trans character is ace or celibate or what, but in any case, isn't with anyone.

Path of the Paladins -- The two leads are ace, as specified in "Bouquets of Bygone Days."

Polychrome Heroics has it all. Damask is a plural person whose headmates include Mira (lesbian), Clarity (neutrois, sapiosexual), Ham (gay), Clement (homoromantic asexual), and Maze (hetero demisexual). Alicia Martins / Dr. Infanta, introduced in "Lifeyears," is essentially asexual due to a body trapped in childhood.

Also I do a Poetry Fishbowl once a month, and often another prompt call or two, where folks are welcome to request whatever they want -- prompts about previous or new asexual, aromantic, demisexual, gray-ace, etc. characters are welcome. If you want more representation, ask and you shall receive.

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