I went to see Blade Runner--The Final Cut yesterday with [personal profile] greenygal, [personal profile] pleasance, and A. It's a much better movie in this cut, though it does show its age in some of the interactions between Rachel and Decker, and in the zeerust -- flying cars, videophones, hard copy photos, but no mobile phones, PanAm and Atari in advertisements, and such. The production design was amazing -- not just the sets, but the costumes (Edward James Olmos' wears a future-clothes version of a zoot suit, Roy, Decker, and Sebastian all have extremely high rounded collars, even though their clothes are from wildly different social classes, etc.) and props (I particularly liked the umbrellas with lightstick shafts). Even though it's taking a lot of its inspiration from Noir, if you're familiar with the genres, you can see the enormous impact it had on cyberpunk.

Today I went to see 20000 Leagues Under the Sea with [personal profile] fabrisse. For a 50s children's movie by Disney, it's hilarious that Kirk Douglas has four shirtless scenes -- pity his character is kind of a jerk. The special effects were quite good, given the limitations of the time. The giant squid was particularly well done, given that it had to be an enormous puppet that had to function on a water set.

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