There is a stray guinea fowl hiding in the bushes by the fitness center of my apartment complex. It's a little weird to see exotic poultry just out about -- I suspect it escaped from someone's backyard coop -- but when I informed the housing office, they said animal control had already been out and had not been able to catch the bird. Of course not -- guinea fowl are much better fliers than chickens, and it just flew to the top of the building. I'm a little disappointed that animal control gave up; I really don't want to see a mound of feathers some day because the bird got hit by a car, or eaten by a local hawk, or just killed in a blizzard or by below-freezing temperature.
I went to see Singing in the Rain with [personal profile] greenygal and friend today as there was a special showing for the 65th anniversary.

It holds up pretty well, and it's interesting to see how the background extras aren't perfect Hollywood faces and bodies. One does wonder how Lina Lamont was able to get the contract that becomes so important for the end of the movie, as the terms she has are incredible for a 1920s movie star.

Afterward, [personal profile] greenygal and I went to Pi Pizza for dinner. We wound up speculating about how actors would work in a universe with daemons a la Pullman's Dark Materials, and thought maybe there would be stunt daemons with their people off camera, with the that being a way to break into acting.

Right as we were leaving, an anti-Trump anti-fascist protest came down the street, and I wound up explain to a 10-year-old that it was a protest and she'd probably see a lot of them in the next week. She was very concerned and astonished, and possibly had never seen anything like it. Hopefully all the coming protests will be as peaceful at that one.
Quart of milk, pint of chocolate milk, half-pint of raspberry yogurt smoothie, kalamata humus, pita, spanakopita, olive bread, ricotta & spinach ravioli, bolognese sauce, and hand-made fettuccine (a buy 2, get 1 free special from Osteria al Volo, which looks like a place to check out -- really good Italian food is harder to find than you'd think).
I went to H-Mart, one of the local Korean groceries today, and picked up dried anchovies and tteok (sticky rice cakes), two ingredients that I can't get anywhere else. I hope to make kombucha porridge (hobakjuk) with anchovy stock this weekend, as the first time I made it I found it way too sweet for my tastes, and couldn't finish it; the local kimchi vendor at the farmer's market suggested I make it savory by using anchovy stock, so I'll see.

I also got some king oyster mushrooms, so I can make the mushroom and seafood porridge (haemul beoseotjuk) with proper ingredients. I also picked up a small container of spicy cucumber kimchi (oisobadi), as the recipe I have makes way more than I can be expected to eat in a reasonable amout of time.
I only lasted about an hour at the contradance, but it was fun. Next time, I'll know to wear lighter clothes (though getting over to the civic building in February in linen trousers and a short-sleeved top will be a challenge...) and bring a water bottle, because I overheated quickly. I might also want to wear lighter shoes.

They are scheduled through June, the second Thursday evening of each month. May is Le Vent Du Nord, one of my favorite Canadian traditional folk bands, so I'm definitely going to go to that one. I guess I'll just have to keep going and get good at contradancing.
Hey local friends!

Carpe Diem! Arts and the Washington Revels are sponsoring contradance on the second Thursday of the month at the Silver Spring Civic Building (1 Veterans Place, Silver Spring MD).

The first dance will be tomorrow, with lessons at 7pm for beginners, and the main dance starting at 7:30pm. The entrance fee is $10, first time free. This is a 10-minute walk from the Silver Spring Metro -- across from the Silver Spring Regal Majestic, if you've ever been there. I'm planning on going, as long as the weather remains nice.
Water buffalo stew meat, shiitake black bean burgers, mushroom ravioli, dragon's breath cheese, monocacy chipotle goat cheese, a quarter of sourdough loaf, a cheddar scone, nittany apples, bosc pears, asian pear, smoked spice sampler, tamale del elote, chicken empanada, and three jalapeno peppers.

I'm going to try to make chilaquiles tomorrow.

It was 18F with a windchill that made it feel like 5F when I went to the market, so I think I might spend the rest of the day trying to learn to hibernate... or at least wrapped in a comforter with knee-high socks on.
The springerle cookies my mom ordered for me from The Springerle House just arrived. They must have used a dozen different molds, and extremely detailed ones, as the cookies are rectangular, square, and round, and have elaborate scenes on them, including two different nativity scenes!

They taste fantastic! I'm going to have to share them, or I'll eat them all fifty cookies myself.
For my local friends, it looks like Rancho Gordo has their cassoulet beans back in stock, as well as some of the other beans and specialty items; I'd like to get an order together to save on shipping.

If you're interested, comment or email.
Linguica, maple breakfast sausage, melomakarona, tiropita, vasilopita (yes!), olive bread, bluefish, salmon, and tilapia empanadas, and caramel pear tart from the French bakery.

I'm making pfeffernusse right now for the New Year's Eve party, using this recipe, with the addition of cubeb and long pepper. They're good.
I went to see Hidden Figures on Saturday with [ profile] fabrisse -- the film about the African-America women who worked as computers for NASA during the run-up to the Friendship 7 launch. As a movie, it's well paced, keeps track of the 3 main characters well, and does a good job of making math and computer programming dramatic, which isn't always the easiest thing.

It also doesn't play down the fact that while NASA was a place that employed many African-American mathematicians and engineers, it was still a segregated employer in an America where segregation was legal and government-enforced. There are a lot of white characters in the movie who enforce fairly awful cultural norms without thinking, because they've never had to think about them before.
Melamokaroma, tiropita, cheese & quince pie, apple cider, crescendo (manchego-style) goat cheese, black pepper chevre, beef kabobs, fig-anise bread, tilipia empanada, smoked salmon empanda, and pear-apple-ginger turnover.

I may order a vasilopita for the New Year's party. I'm definitely making pfeffernusse, and wish I knew where I could get springerle, as I'm finding I really want those anise cookies my grandmother used to make for Christmas, even though they were not quite hard as rocks -- they just smelled like Christmas.
I tried to increase the amount of weight I lift during my bench/incline/shoulder press reps yesterday, and woke up this morning with every muscle attached to my clavicles hurting. I think I'll go back to the old weight and just increase the reps for a few more weeks...
I went with [personal profile] greenygal and [profile] hollimichele to the DAR museum to see An Agreeable Tyrant: Fashion After the Revolution and then to the Building Museum for Small Stories: At Home in a Dollhouse, with lunch from food trucks in-between. We also chatted with a hipster who'd just moved from Seattle about what museum and free cultural events he needed to see, because we are theater nerds as well as museum and SF nerds.

The DAR museum exhibits were set up in all of their standing 'rooms', which means they were scattered over the back of the building, on several different floors. However, the museum is free, the elevators work, and we got to peek into the DAR library, so it was a lot of fun. Also, they have dollhouse at the DAR museum too.

At the Building Museum, I went through the exhibits District II, Timber City (and I want to learn more about high timber construction), and House & Home, which was fascinating since one half of it was on the history of building techniques, from adobe and post & grit all the way through structural insulated panel techniques.
Spinach, cabbage, bok choy, dill quark, bratwurst, pork fish, olive bread, chicken empanada, tamale de elote, honey and habanero pickled daikon, kkakdugi kimchi, eggs, mushrooms, purple scallions, asian pear, and bosc pears.

I'm going to pick up some ravioletta tomorrow and make ravioli potage, since the tomatoes I picked green before the frost have finally turned red.
I just got back from seeing Rogue One!

It was a gripping movie, and I do recommend it. I also recommend, if you have young kids, you see it first and then decide if they can handle it, because it's much more of a war movie than any of the other Star Wars movies.
Made Cod & Potato Gratin today -- used both my casserole dishes to do it. It's a pretty simple recipe, and I think it could be changed to be entirely pescatarian with a little work -- there's three strips of bacon in to that would have to be replaced, though I'm not sure what with -- mushroom bacon is the obvious choice, but I'm not sure it would work?

But it was quite good and I'd be willing to make it again if I see fresh or frozen cod on sale -- also Gruyere cheese, because it used up the last I had of that.
Apples, black pepper chevre, melomakarona, chocolate pear cake, and tiropita.

Also picked up a cod fillet at the Whole Foods to try a cod and potato casserole. They had beef stew cubes, ground pork, and peppermint gelato on sale, so I picked those up as well -- I've got a working freezer now, so I can store stuff again. I'll eat up everything already made and use the beef to make beef-and-barley stew. The ground pork might go into chili or meatballs.

Also tried rescuing a late volunteer tomato seedling after I got back. If the temps haven't killed it, I'll keep it going inside until it's warm enough to plant in late spring.
Made spicy bok choy (cheonggyeongchae muchim) yesterday, which is basically blanched boy choy with a sauce of soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar, and fermented red chile paste. It's quite tasty!

It also makes a great egg frittata, when sauted with onion. A little kimchi juice mixed with the eggs to spice them up if you're interested.

ETA: Oops, yesterday was Wax Day, the 11th of Frost. Today is Horseradish Day. I misread the calendar. Also, the days are getting a bit weird this month, although next month they are all minerals except for the fives and tens.
1.5 lbs of kielbasa, 4 Japanese white turnips, a dozen eggs, potatoes, apples, garlic, kabocha squash, melomakarona, karidopita, and yellow oyster mushrooms.


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