For [ profile] mini_nanowrimo, a bit short today.


The day they walked away from the village, Heart Berry Weaver gave Turnspit a new coat – glorious with quillwork – and a lingering kiss. He would miss her ad many others.

He held onto Iros' stirrup and tried to keep up. The months of tramping over the hills had strengthened him, and he could manage the trot for short stretches. Lurcher was noticeably better, loping along like a wolfhound, but the aughisky slowed to a walk often, and that made it bearable.

Making camp that night was tiring, and Turnspit had to force himself to take the first bite of dried venison. After a little water, his hunger came back, and he ate with a will. Later, when they curled together on the bedroll, Iros stroked his back and called him a good Dog, and he was oddly happy.


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A map? For creatures who can basically short circuit distance be going underhill?

Plus, I'd need a scanner or a tablet to get it into the computer. On the other hand, then if I get either, you get to see my drawings of the characters -- which might just appall you with the badness.

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