Given that Metro shut down their bus service today at 11pm last night, I decided not to go into work today. It was a good decision, because the county bus service closed at 7:23 this morning, which would have been just before I got to work, if I had tried to go in. That would have left me with no way to get to the Metro station to get home but walking or begging a ride from a co-worker, and that's even assuming the Metro remains running all day.

Basically, we've had about 11 inches so far, and it is still snowing.

I'm going to stay home and make cupcakes. My co-workers might get my largesse tomorrow, or my friends my get them this weekend if the roads are still impassable tomorrow.
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Good idea staying home. This weather is unbelievable. I've kinda been liveblogging; this may be the worst winter since the Blizzard of '78.
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That soup sounds good. Yeah, good day for nesting and relaxing a bit.

We're approaching record snowfall, and it hasn't gotten warm enough to melt off completley. The side-of-driveway shovelling piles are getting up to about four feet. And we've had several days of Level 3 Emergencies where you aren't allowed on the roads except in emergency, wind chills of's been kind of epic, hunkering down and waiting it out weather.

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