Someone (Games by Play Date) has turned coming up with fan fiction pairings into a card game! I found out about this Thursday, when [personal profile] greenygal and I went to Board Game Night at Labyrinth. We played the early American history version of Chrononauts, Pandemic on the extra-easy level, and a couple of rounds of Anomia. As we were walking out the door, I saw a gamebox on another table entitled Slash: Romance Without Boundaries.

It's a card game where you have several cards with different pop-cultural characters and brief descriptions written on them -- well known ones are worth 1 point, not so well known 2 points, and obscure are 3 points. Players take turns being the Matchmaker, who puts one of their character cards down on the table, and the other players have to put down a character card with the idea of the two characters making a great romance. The Matchmaker decides whose pairing suggestion is the best, and awards that player both cards and the points on each for their victory pile. Players can dispute the decision, but then have to come up with a narrative that explains why their pairing was a better choice, which is then voted on by the table. The game ends when one of the players reaches 20 pts.

This sounds like a hilarious game to play with a bunch of fangirls. There is a print and play option where you download and print a .pdf, but I just might buy the regular version and bring it to Con.txt. It seems like it would be a hit, and might be a great icebreaker or midnight room party game.
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I played this last week! [personal profile] cinco has a copy. We skipped right to the advanced version, where the Matchmaker puts down a card and a prompt, and everyone has to give a story summary.
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I have a copy! We're trying to find a day when we can get a bunch of people together to play it, probably at [personal profile] neotoma's place
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If someone brings this to con-txt I will be all over that.

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Hi, I'm Glenn the creator of Slash romance without boundaries. I am super excited that you enjoyed it! My studio Games by Play Date is contacting con.txt right now about donating a copy to any free play/social area they may have. Is there a person in specific that you might know at the con who I should contact? Please shoot me an email gamesbyplaydate at gmail dot com. Thanks!

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