On Saturday, the Phillips Collection is opening a special exhibit on Toulouse-Lautrec that will run through the end of April. I'd like to get a group together to go see it -- it's a special exhibit, so it will cost $12 each -- please let me know if you're interested and when you'd be available. It will probably be a weekend outing, as the museum is closed Mondays.

[personal profile] wolfshark is having a stitch'n'bitch on Saturday, Feb 4th -- more details at her post.

The Carpe Diem! Silver Spring Contradance will be next week Thursday, Feb 9th; $10 to dance, first-timers free. I do suggest you bring your own water bottle, since it's easy to overheat in a room full of dancers.

The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater will be giving a workshop focused on their iconic work, Revelations, at Millennium Stage on Saturday, Feb 11th. Squee! This is a free event, so well worth heading over to the Kennedy Center for it!

Since my birthday is the 9th, I'd like to go out to celebrate either that Friday evening, or sometime that weekend. I'm thinking Lavagna, Oyamel, or Belga Cafe, but if you know a spectacular place that you'd think I'd like, feel free to mention it!

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