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Sentences I honestly had not expected to see at any point during my day when I got up this morning:

"In more than 30 years of cymbal cleaning I have used everything from ketchup to gasoline."

(I was trying to find out whether Noxon, a metal cleaner I remember using as early as Montessori preschool, would remove green discoloration from Artistic Wire, which is copper with a colored or clear coating. Turns out the process of cutting the wire into little bits and bending/looping/etc. the bits to make figure-of-eight chain exposes a lot of copper to the air and provides the opportunity for verdigris to form.)
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Inductionby hamelin_born

Fandom: Vampire: The Masquerade

Previously posted in its unedited form on


An introduction to the thirteen classic vampire Clans of Vampire: The Masquerade, as relaid by an exceptionally unreliable narrator.

Notes: @robininthelabyrinth, I blame you. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID.

…also, I wrote this literally more then ten years ago, and I wrote it more for the fun of it then for the literary quality thereof. So I guess all that I’m saying is - be kind?


Some stalk the hills the sidhe have fled, their magiks free for all.
Some seize the prize their sires stole, their fangs so fast to fall.
So dine with them in revelry, or dance in the Great Game
But childe, don’t ever, ever let them know your secret name.

Oh, gold and gems and sceptered rings; a lesson here to learn.
The more they own, the more they thirst – nay, more then long for, burn.
Their glory’s in the crown and throne, the coffers they can fill –
But childe, don’t ever fall beneath ‘his lordship’s’ poisoned will.

The shadows are our eldest friend; theirs is the sweetest song
Of power and pride and briny coast, of Abyss swelling strong
Of the noonday night, the emptiness the stars once sang awake -
Don’t ever tread the boundaries that the shadow-dwellers break.

Rats and rust and hoarded rot – the refuse of our kind.
The lepers wield thorny strings; their restless eye is blind.
Their worth is in the wonder that their horror can’t chase away –
Don’t dare to judge by what they are, or by what others say.

The poet-kinds of deadened years remember Carthage well -
The standard bright of reddened white; they fought and fed and fell.
Their memories stretch vast and deep; they fight, but not to win.
And childe, don’t ever dare insult the honor of their kin.

Steel and smoke and dusty sky – the ashen taste of fear
As the shadow slides throughout all the night, its deadly purpose clear.
Their passion lies within the vein, although it’s judged as weak -
Oh childe, don’t ever find yourself the quarry that they seek.

The graveyard is a second home; it grants the sweetest sleep
But every crypt and yawning ditch some gristly secrets keep.
A ravaged mien, a scalpel keen to pierce the shrouded lands -
My childe, don’t ever find yourself within these seekers’ hands.

There’s power in the sculpted hand, the modulated voice -
The painted dancers on the stage all think theirs is the choice.
Their muse will grant them wonders that the world would weep to see –
But childe, don’t dare mistake it for the truth of slipping free.

Blood and blade and polished bone – their code is chill and grim.
The very strands of life are theirs, to warp and twist and dim.
The lords within the keep. Their foes? The screams that scrape the sky.
Don’t cross the voivode, my dear – they will not let you die.

The mirror is shattered past recall; the shards burn clear and bright
As brilliant as the gibbous moon, when fools draw down the Sight.
They see the Truth behind the lie, the scope of all the Game –
Don’t traffic in the secrets bartered so by the insane.

A hound will bell throughout the night; the wolf bites back its cry.
A glimpse of eyes, a flash of fang – the hunt that’s yet to die.
Their silent pact of savagery shall leave them less then whole;
Don’t bargain with the Beast, my love, on peril of your soul.

We know the serpents as of old from cracked papyrus tombs
Where they hoard their twisted secrets in the dank and mottled gloom.
Their tongues pour honeyed venom - theirs a god that never fell.
Be cautious in your dealings. There is nothing they won’t sell.

I’ve walked this wide old world a spell. I know each secret way
Past every street and crossroad where the trickster’s children play.
Oh, shut him in a coffin barred with forty silver locks,
But even then, my childe, don’t you ever trust a fox.
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…why am I pulling out a piece of fanpoetry I wrote more then ten years ago for an extremely small fandom? Why am I editing it?

B.A.P Aesthetic Moodboard

World of Darkness Series - Vampire The Masquerade edition

∟ 2. Ventrue

“Power is my food. Combat is my sleep. Blood is my oxygen.
Politics is my blood. Sleep is my enemy. My enemies are my food.”

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Oh my God this actually explains so much.

So there’s a known thing in the study of human psychology/sociology/what-have-you where men are known to, on average, rely entirely on their female romantic partner for emotional support. Bonding with other men is done at a more superficial level involving fun group activities and conversations about general subjects but rarely involves actually leaning on other men or being really honest about emotional problems. Men use alcohol to be able to lower their inhibitions enough to expose themselves emotionally to other men, but if you can’t get emotional support unless you’re drunk, you have a problem.

So men need to have a woman in their lives to have anyone they can share their emotional needs and vulnerabilities with. However, since women are not socialized to fear sharing these things, women’s friendships with other women are heavily based on emotional support. If you can’t lean on her when you’re weak, she’s not your friend. To women, what friendship is is someone who listens to all your problems and keeps you company.

So this disconnect men are suffering from is that they think that only a person who is having sex with you will share their emotions and expect support. That’s what a romantic partner does. But women think that’s what a friend does. So women do it for their romantic partners and their friends and expect a male friend to do it for them the same as a female friend would. This fools the male friend into thinking there must be something romantic there when there is not.

This here is an example of patriarchy hurting everyone. Women have a much healthier approach to emotional support – they don’t die when widowed at nearly the rate that widowers die and they don’t suffer emotionally from divorce nearly as much even though they suffer much more financially, and this is because women don’t put all their emotional needs on one person. Women have a support network of other women. But men are trained to never share their emotions except with their wife or girlfriend, because that isn’t manly. So when she dies or leaves them, they have no one to turn to to help with the grief, causing higher rates of death, depression, alcoholism and general awfulness upon losing a romantic partner. 

So men suffer terribly from being trained in this way. But women suffer in that they can’t reach out to male friends for basic friendship. I am not sure any man can comprehend how heartbreaking it is to realize that a guy you thought was your friend was really just trying to get into your pants. Friendship is real. It’s emotional, it’s important to us. We lean on our friends. Knowing that your friend was secretly seething with resentment when you were opening up to him and sharing your problems because he felt like he shouldn’t have to do that kind of emotional work for anyone not having sex with him, and he felt used by you for that reason, is horrible. And the fact that men can’t share emotional needs with other men means that lots of men who can’t get a girlfriend end up turning into horrible misogynistic people who think the world owes them the love of a woman, like it’s a commodity… because no one will die without sex. Masturbation exists. But people will die or suffer deep emotional trauma from having no one they can lean on emotionally. And men who are suffering deep emotional trauma, and have been trained to channel their personal trauma into rage because they can’t share it, become mass shooters, or rapists, or simply horrible misogynists.

The only way to fix this is to teach boys it’s okay to love your friends. It’s okay to share your needs and your problems with your friends. It’s okay to lean on your friends, to hug your friends, to be weak with your friends. Only if this is okay for boys to do with their male friends can this problem be resolved… so men, this one’s on you. Women can’t fix this for you; you don’t listen to us about matters of what it means to be a man. Fix your own shit and teach your brothers and sons and friends that this is okay, or everyone suffers.

The next time a guy says, “What? You don't want to be my friend?” I’ll text him this and then ask if he really wants to be friends or just have another potential girlfriend.

Inktober/Drawlloween 4 - Vampire
Bunnicula was a weird book that stuck with me for some reason over the years. 


willayork said: Hey- I have no idea where you are but it’s worth calling or checking with your library. I had a book I’d requested a couple of weeks ago that never came in; I checked at MY library, they called where it was coming from and somehow noone had ever sent the book? It showed up the next day.

Thank you very much for your suggestion. @hamelin-born Maybe this is what is happening at your branch regarding It?

@willayork : I took your suggestion to heart. I finally got so fed up with the entire situation - prompted, in part, by the fact that I spent a great deal of time yesterday reading through the book in a local bookstore and watching youtube clips until my passion for the story reignited in my heart - that I ended up heading over to the library in question. After arriving there - and tripping literally in the parking lot in front of the building, resulting in scraped knees and elbow, and a nail that I think I might end up shedding because I pretty much landed on it - I finally, finally got to talk to a librarian.

…who revealed that yes, they have the book, but this was the kind of library you could only READ books in, not check them out, and it had currently been checked out of the main library, would I like to reserve the book for when it was finally returned?

I ended up just buying the damn book after that.
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Alex: “You owned a Sha'erah, according to Miranda."
Paulson: "Well, I... I suppose."
Alex: "You suppose? How do you own someone and not quite recall exactly? Did you, or didn't you?”

--Kristine Williams, Madness

Spread the word, help a brother out, support Black business!

His website His Twitter


inspired by this post sent to me by @its-honey-bitches










Once my friend Henry was accused of wearing wireless headphones by a substitute so she said for him to hand them over so he took them off and handed them to her. Then later on she asked him a question and he didn’t respond so she said it louder and he still didn’t respond. She asked why he was not responding and he said “I can’t understand you ma'am, you took my hearing aids.”


one time we had a sub that was handing back papers and called my name. I asked if someone could grab it for me and she started mocking me for not even standing up. taunting me asking why I was not walking up to the front to get the paper myself.

my classmates went dead silent and after the sub’s laughter ended someone informed her that the wheelchair parked nearby belonged to me

My sister once had her insulin pump ripped off of her because her exam proctor (a sub) thought it was some cheating device.
He soon figured out that it was, in fact, not, when the port on her side (the place the needle goes in) started bleeding through her shirt. Her pump started beeping frantically, because that’s what it does, and it was general chaos until my sister ripped what’s basically her pancreas out of his hands, told her friend “Let the next proctor know I’ll need extra time,” and walked out of the room towards the nurse.

Literally schools are shit with disabilities. In elementary school I was having a high blood sugar reaction(cold sweats to rapid passing in and out of consciousness, vomiting and finally leading to a massive seizure before you die) and I KNEW I had to go to the nurse cuz I was getting worse. Kept telling my teach I needed to go and he kept saying no till finally I felt myself about to throw up and I’m screaming LET ME GO (i was a little kid to me i couldnt do anything in an institution without an adults say so or id basically go to hell) and the bitch said SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE LESSON where I proceeded to projectile vomit all over my desk and he jut kept going on with the lesson. Finally I just booked it out of the room but I was too far gone to even REMEMBER where the nurses office was let alone where the hell I was that my class literally just left and helped me to the nurses office. I immediately went to the hospital and officially died for 5 minutes before I was revived. I could have stayed dead all because some fuck twad thought his lesson was more important than a students life

After Columbine, a local school installed metal detectors and made everyone walk through them and put their bags on a table for a teacher to search. 

A few days into the school year, a teacher ripped a boy’s insulin pump off him because she thought it was a weapon, despite he and his sister insisting it was an insulin pump and he needed it to live. 

I don’t know how many of you are still in school but I have some valuable knowledge that might actually help with this problem! In the United States there’s this thing called a 504 Plan that you can get which basically gives you legal protection from disability/chronic illness discrimination in public schools. 

Students can qualify for 504 plans if they have physical or mental impairments that affect or limit any of their abilities to: walk, breathe, eat, or sleep; communicate, see, hear, or speak; read, concentrate, think, or learn; stand, bend, lift, or work

 Examples of accommodations in 504 plans include: preferential seating, extended time on tests and assignments, reduced homework or classwork, verbal, visual, or technology aids, modified textbooks or audio-video materials, behavior management support, adjusted class schedules or grading, verbal testing, excused lateness, absence, or missed classwork

 I’m a type one diabetic and my school nurse would do stuff like keep all my meds in a locked cabinet, not let me take my insulin or test my blood sugar unless she was watching me, and lie to my mother about me inducing low blood sugars in order to get out of class. She wouldn’t even let me keep glucagon (emergency sugar injection) on my person in case I passed out from low blood sugar. 

 So one day I casually mentioned all this to my endocrinologist and she was really mad. She was really angry at the school nurse for mistreating me like that and informed me of this thing called a 504 plan. A 504 plan protects students with disabilities and chronic illnesses from discrimination by outlining exactly what a student needs to meet their special needs. For me, this meant I had to be able to keep ahold of my own meds in case of emergency and keep track of my own glucose levels, that I would never be marked late for a class if I was busy treating a low, and I could pause the clock on a standardized test to check my blood sugar and treat it. If you have a disability and you’re still attending public school, PLEASE read up on 504 plans because they saved me so much grief when I was still in school. It might help you too. Here’s some more information about 504 plans:

Passing this along. I would not have made it this far without my disability documentation in school.

reasons i haven’t replied back:

- i’m socially exhausted
- i don’t have the time right now
- i don’t know how to reply
- i have a bad memory and got distracted
- i’m having a depressive episode and don’t have the energy to socialise

not reasons i haven’t replied back:

- i’m ignoring you just because
- i hate you
- i’m fed up with you
- i don’t want to be your friend anymore
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I’m always absolutely furious when I trip, lose my balance, and end up falling full-length on the sidewalk. There’s the physical pain, of course, the damage to any appliances I might have been holding at the time - mostly, though, there’s a kind of odd, selfish anger that - well, that I’m in pain, and that the world doesn’t seem to notice. 

But today, a perfectly stranger yelled ‘hey, are you okay?’ at me from across the street. And that helped.

to all my Jewish followers, happy new year; to all my Hindu followers, happy navratri
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About ten days ago, I wrote a series of posts regarding the difficulties Jews and people of other minority faiths encounter in western society when it comes to having our holidays respected and recognized. I got a lot of feedback from Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Jains, etc. echoing my sentiments (some of which was absolutely heartbreaking), and I have additionally seen a variety of other posts on the matter that underline my point. When reading all of the notes and comments relevant to these posts, I noticed a very similar theme reappearing time after time:

“I didn’t take off for X holiday because I’m not that religious, but the scheduling was very inconvenient for my more observant friend or family member.” 

Indeed, I had previously quoted former MLB player Gabe Kapler, who once made the justification to play baseball on Yom Kippur by saying: 

“I am not really a practicing Jew. It would be selfish to be a practicing Jew on only one day.”

It would seem that many people have been led to believe that observing a Jewish or Muslim or Hindu holiday is cheating unless you are sincerely devout. 

Well, I have a special message for those people: 


This is important, so I’m going to say it again: 


Think of all the times you have been chided by secular Christian friends for not celebrating Christmas.

“It’s not really even a religious holiday anymore,” people will tell you. “It’s just a nice time for families to get together and celebrate.” 

Well, guess what? So is Rosh Hashanah. So is Eid. So is Diwali. 

A secular Jew might not want to go to synagogue on Rosh Hashanah, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to fly home for Rosh Hashanah dinner to be with their family. 

A non-practicing Muslim may have lost interest in regular religious practices, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still look forward to Eid celebrations.

A lapsed Hindu can still have fond memories of celebrating Diwali as a youth, and want to continue on with their family traditions. 

There is no written rule that says only people from Christian backgrounds can be non-religious and still celebrate their cultural holidays. There is no law that says only Christmas and Easter can be boiled down to family dinners and fun festivities. 


It doesn’t matter if you haven’t prayed in years or don’t believe in God. If you want a day off for your holiday, take it. No matter what, it’s still yours. 

With the Jewish High Holidays coming up, I thought it would be a good time to reblog this. 

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Written by JRR Tolkien, “The Hobbit” was first published on September 21st, 1937, 80 years ago today.

Then something Tookish woke up inside him, and he wished to go and see the great mountains, and hear the pine-trees and the waterfalls, and explore the caves, and wear a sword instead of a walking-stick.

hey so I really hate having to ask but my fiancée and I are in a bit of a bind and need all the help we can get. as it currently stands we’re stuck here living with my abusive mother who has been making life a living hell for us, but we have no sources of income whatsoever so the future feels pretty bleak. if you could, donations would be greatly appreciated (I apologize for the name mismatch between the link and the website, but ain’t that a feel).

we know that most of y’all are dealing with your own shit, but any help at all would be greatly appreciated, even if it’s just a signal boost. thank you.

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