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for [ profile] mini_nanowrimo -- I was travelling today, so a very short installment today, sorry.


Dog? Dog! Brock? Clockwork! Brock...Dog? Clockwork! Know this, carry this, remember this, dream this into the waking world! Turnspit could feel the words vibrating up his arm, slow and ponderous like oxen pulling a cart. He shivered and, tried to pull away from the rockface.

It hurt. He bit back on his own cheeks to not scream. Iros was staring down at him, his face drawning in and his eyes going tawny in agitation. He seemed to be saying something, Turnspit saw his mouth opening and closing, but all he heard was the thumping of the memory stone.

Iros went away, or Turnspit's vision greyed out, but he was back, and his eyes were angry yellow.

Turnspit was hit, a hard blow into his side. He fell forward, so happy to be free of the memory stone that he didn't even resent curling over and vomiting up his cold dinner all over Iros' fancy boots.

The aughisky didn't mind either, apparently, as he clucked and soothed in turn, and then picked Turnspit up as if he were a sick child, and carried him down to the bedroll.


From: [identity profile]

Random magical techology just lying around that the current inhabitants of the area barely understand == very dangerous.

To be fair, if Turnspit wasn't riddled with clockwork, he'd have had a different experience. He's not something that the makers of memory stone ever anticipated.

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