World-building is rather fun. Plus, I get to play with my scanner and image editor some more. These are for the [ profile] theclockworkdog fiction, which might be a comic book eventually.
Draft animals... Draft animals...
Five typical draft animals (six if you include humans). An attempt at a border design. Consider the original drawing is less than an inch high, it's pretty good.
Metheglin Metheglin
Metheglin -- an aughisky who holds a bit of Iros' farmland in trust. She is Beewolf's daughter by Brewster and runs an apiary and meadery, hence her name.
Obviously I need to work on drawing guns. I should probably actually get my shotgun out of the closet for a model, but I'm being lazy and it's not the right kind of gun...

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Cool critters!

Looks good! I like the animal designs - is the leonine animal in front a true lion or something else? The tail makes me think something else.

See if you can find a pic or two of Mammoth Jacks - the BIG donkey stallions used to sire draft mules. Also another draft critter to look at is the Chianina ox - BIG strong animals bred for draft work rather than meat or milk (although they will provide both, just not as much as purpose-bred cattle).

Other interesting critters that might be adapted in your world would be giant sable antelope, the Arabian oryx (source of the unicorn legends), and the onager and kiang.

Embarassing thought - if you crossed an aughisky with a donkey would you get a really weird, shapeshifting mule? :D

Metheglin looks neat - and I love her clothing, looks like something I'd like to wear.

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Re: Cool critters!

The one in front is a tamed Manticore. Aughisky will hunt them and raid the lair for cubs; since the Brocks can tame them into draft animals, manticore cubs can be used pay taxes. The tail is docked (to remove the stinger) and the claws chiseled off, and they are castrated -- which is why there is almost no mane.

I've got some Mammoth Jackstock pictures -- though I think I used a picture of a saddle donkey as a reference.

The ox was taken from an actual picture of a yoked ox. I don't know that the locals would have a breed that wasn't dual purpose -- the cows for milk and the bull calves castrated and trained up as draft oxen. I'll look for pictures of that breed.

Aughisky are fairy, but sentient. I don't know think they can breed with true animals, and they're so rarely capable of becoming pregnant that I think they wouldn't risk having a mule even if they *can* breed with true animals. I think you're much more likely to get a hinny, because it's much less of a time investment to sire a foal than to bear one.

I like her design to. I'm really trying to work out how the class stratification shows up in clothes. The human villagers generally wear sarongs and vests, Dogs wear long shirts and kilts, but trousers mean that one has a riding animal.

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