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( Aug. 17th, 2015 05:18 pm)
I spent Saturday with fabrisse, watching SGU commentaries and extras, and making notecards for two different plotbunnies (seriously, writing plot beats and clever bits of dialogue on index cards because my process is completely bats at the moment). The "Dr. Daniel Jackson Explains X" extras were particularly hilarious, in how dead-perfect they are to awkward, low-budget corporate training videos. I also wanted her perspective because she's from a military family, and would be able to help me figure out some things that I wasn't getting about the SGU military characters -- like what exactly James' rank and actual branch-of-service is (we're really dubious that she's AF, not Marines, for a number of reasons. She is a 2nd lieutenant though, because we finally got a good look at her rank insignia).

She reacted really strongly to kino recording where Greer and Scott talk about Scott leaving Greer behind on the planet of the spider maze. Basically, her problem was that if the writers can get Greer (as experienced master sergeant) giving such good advice and counsel to Scott (inexperienced 1st lieutenant), then why is Col. Young written as such a terrible commander? Since the writers got that right, Young must be deliberately written the way he is... and often he's not making good decision, and certainly not great or clearly ethical ones.

I really struggle with that, because I do think Young is a mess and a half, but I don't want to make him the villain (because the show isn't about villainy, it's about people in an inescapable, dysfunctional scenario trying to survive) in any plotbunny I write, and I want to give him as much credit for his good characteristics as possible. And of course, since his main foil in the show is Dr. Rush, who I think usually does have the good of ship and the success of the mission in mind, but who behaves in ways that make me facepalm on a regular basis, I don't want to unbalance the dynamic or woobify anyone (Rush would fucking bite if you tried to woobify him).

And I've been thinking about the Nakai, and what they might have wanted. Because seriously, they take Chloe, have her for about 6 hours, and have the time to implant advanced mathematics in her brain and some sort of progressive mutagen in her body, but they have Rush for at least a week and don't do anything to him other than put a tracking beacon in his chest and extract English from his brain? I am extremely dubious of that, and my doubt is germinating into a plotbunny of some description.

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