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( Nov. 26th, 2006 02:05 am)
for [ profile] mini_nanowrimo

Because of a flight delay and the airport shuttle *never* arriving (I had to take a cab home, and oh boy I'd better get reimbursed for it), I'm a tiny bit late getting this up. Also, I jumped ahead in time more than a bit. There are at least five scenes between this one and yesterday's.

In which Turnspit is a bit of bastard (367 words) )
AKA 'check your assumptions at the door'

For [ profile] mini_nanowrimo. This bit got away from me, and went off in weird directions. I think it works. Set before yesterday's bit.

In which Iros and Turnspit do not have sex, though they talk about it (1002 words) )

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